Friday,22 June, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1336, (16 - 22 March 2017)
Friday,22 June, 2018
Issue 1336, (16 - 22 March 2017)

Ahram Weekly

Spring and its Colours

Showing at Salama gallery, Spring and its Colours group exhibition displays 20 paintings by artists Abu-Bakr Al-NawawiDjehan RaoufOmar Al-NagdiSameh Al-Bannani and Fatema Refaat.

The exhibition describes the aesthetics of springtime with its bright colours, roses, flowers and nature using different art media and techniques. This review sheds light on the art of Djehan Raouf.  

During her long art career, the artist chose the abstract expressionistic style to express her love of nature, flowers as well as dazzling and bright colours that always sends us messages of love, optimism and rejuvenation, as in nature we contemplate the most beautiful aspects of God's creations.

Raouf has expressed all this in her very own style, bold touches, daring and powerful colours.

The artworks of the artist spread positive energy that is full of hope for a better future and she uses a unique creative language and creates an emotional dialogue full of life that transcends the boundaries of reality to set off in wide horizons that do not know borders.

Raouf portrayed flowers in an expressionistic manner, it is clear in the use of intense colours that resulted from the rapid strikes caused by the knife on the surface of the painting, she uses a range of inspiring colours, along with a little grey and certain dull blues that reflect the mood of the nation, in spite of the circumstances the country is witnessing these days. Does it reflect the general state of depression and despair? The artist creates this wonderful collection endeavouring to get out of this painful atmosphere. However, in some paintings, flowers were as if they were wilting in a severe storm as if they reflect the current dilemma of the country.

The exhibition is on until 17March

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