Saturday,26 May, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1336, (16 - 22 March 2017)
Saturday,26 May, 2018
Issue 1336, (16 - 22 March 2017)

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MPs call out the Muslim Brotherhood abroad

MPs tour Europe and America to warn against the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating Western societies

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Gehad Al-Haddad
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Gehad Al-Haddad

Parliamentary delegations have been touring Europe and America in recent weeks to ring alarm bells on the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating Western societies. Egyptian MPs have so far visited Austria, Begium and the US.

On Tuesday 15 MPs from parliament’s Defence and National Security Committee arrived in Brussels to discuss terrorism, illegal migration and the conflicts in Libya and Syria with NATO officials.

Ahmed Al-Awadi, a member of the delegation, said the five-day visit to Brussels was at the invitation of NATO.

“NATO officials extended the invitation because they want to hear the views of Egypt’s parliament on issues of mutual interest,” said Al-Awadi.

Although meetings with NATO officials will focus on the negative impact of terrorism and illegal migration upon security in the Mediterranean Basin the delegation, said Al-Awadi, decided to include “the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in spreading radical Islam in Europe and the United States”.

“We will insist that NATO officials not only listen to our viewpoints on issues such as security in Libya and Gaza but also take note of the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in creating fertile recruiting grounds for terrorists,” said Al-Awadi.

Salama Al-Gohari, another member of the delegation, told reporters “it is a welcome development that NATO officials invite Egyptian MPs to give their views on security and terrorism.”

“We decided to seize the opportunity to explain security conditions in Egypt, particularly in Sinai and Gaza.”

The MPs’ visits to Western Europe began at the end of last week. Alaa Abed, head of parliament’s Human Rights Committee, said the delegation had already met with Austrian MPs in Vienna.

“We met members of the Austrian parliament’s Human Rights Committee who were fully aware of the Muslim Brotherhood’s role in spreading radical Islam and paving the way towards terrorist activity,” said Abed.

While in Austria the delegation became aware of a study on the Muslim Brotherhood which was conducted in Sweden. “The study rang alarm bells, revealing that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to create parallel societies that seek to undermine the values of Western Europe and sow the seeds of division in Europe,” said Abed.

“The Swedish study also warned that the Muslim Brotherhood exploits illegal migration to infiltrate Western societies.”

Abed said meetings with Austrian MPs also included a review of recent legislative developments in Egypt. “It was important that we discuss important laws issued on building churches, fighting terrorism and combating illegal migration,” said Abed.

MP Dalia Youssef visited the US last week in an attempt to open channels with American congressmen and officials close to US President Donald Trump.

Youssef said she met with officials from the State Department and discussed terrorism and radical Islam with several American research centres.

While Youssef was in Washington America’s mainstream media voiced opposition to a campaign to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation. Media outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal and CNN, insisted on portraying the Muslim Brotherhood as a moderate, non-violent organisation.

“The American media’s campaign whitewashing the Muslim Brotherhood comes as no surprise,” said Abed. “The radical liberal media has always been supportive of radical Islamist movements. Now they are doing their best to intimidate Trump from making any move against the malicious Brotherhood.”

Abed said there are reasons to believe the media campaign in the US is being funded by Qatar.

“Qatar has been always given money to the American media and research centres to publish reports and studies in support of political Islam,” claimed Abed.

In a statement issued last week Dar Al-Ifta accused the Muslim Brotherhood of spreading lies through a systematic campaign that aims to turn global public opinion and human rights organisations against Egypt.

Dar Al-Ifta — the independent Islamic authority charged with issuing religious edicts — said its statement was a response to an op-ed written by Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Gehad Al-Haddad and published by the New York Times of 22 February under the title “I am a member in the Muslim Brotherhood, not a terrorist”.

“What is encouraging is that several American media outlets were mobilised to stand up to Muslim Brotherhood and expose its lies,” says Youssef. “I was also happy that Trump officials and US congressmen said the pro-Brotherhood campaign will not dissuade the new administration from making a move against the organisation.”

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