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Current issue | Issue 1339, (6 - 12 April 2017)
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Issue 1339, (6 - 12 April 2017)

Ahram Weekly


Various important buildings and tourist attractions including the Pyramids and Sphinx lit up in blue as part of the Light It Up Blue global campaign for World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April.

“The Amman Arab summit declared the revival of the Arab initiative and re-emphasised the importance of facing terrorism which has hit various Arab states. Secretary-General Ahmed Abul-Gheit summed up the outcome of the summit as, ‘We cannot claim that we will solve all the problems of the Arab region today or tomorrow or next year. But the first stone was laid in this summit.”

Talaat Al-Shayeb

Talaat Al-Shayeb: Bridging cultural gaps

“Translation is lofty work. It is the bridge that links different civilisations and cultures. Were it not for translation, human progress would be impossible; knowledge would not be carried form one place, people or language to another,” said Talaat Al-Shayeb, who died of a heart attack last Friday.

Al-Shayeb is one of the most prominent translators from English to Arabic in the Arab world. He was known for his cautious choice of books to translate.

He has enriched the Arabic library with over 30 translated works covering various areas including history, art and politics.

He was particularly interested in political sociology, development, questions pertaining to the Third World and dialogue among cultures and civilisations. Among the most famous books he translated are Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilisations and Douglas Little’s American Orientalism: The US and the Middle East since 1945.

Al-Shayeb was born in Menoufiya. He worked as an assistant manager at the National Centre for Translation for several years until his resignation in 2010.

He suffered heart failure during a cultural symposium in Damietta, and died before he arrived at the hospital.

Orphan’s Day

Orphan’s Day

“Given the importance of providing help and support to orphans, I hail the idea of ‘the Arab Orphan’s Day’ which we celebrate every year on the first Friday in April. I call on the international community to provide more care for orphans and on the UN to declare an International Day for Making Orphans Happy. I also hope we can soon apply the Egyptian law stating that each orphan should be given a monthly pension.”
Ahmed Abdel Zaher, Al-Watan

On the right track?

“The US-Egypt summit is different from any previous bilateral meetings which usually focused on specific issues like the Palestinian cause, US aid or the human rights file. This time, combating terrorism is the major issue of concern for the two states and presidents. Besides, Egypt is likely to have an influential role in important issues like the Palestinian file as well as the crises in Libya and Syria.”
Mahmoud Musallam, Al-Watan

“President Al-Sisi has three important and interconnected files to discuss during his visit to the US: Egyptian-American relations, terrorism and peace in the Middle East. These relations have suffered from bad administration under Bush Jr and Obama. It is high time to put them back on the right track so that their first mission can be combating terrorism: a necessity that both Al-Sisi and Trump agree on.”
Makram Mohamed Ahmed, Al-Ahram

“The Trump administration came to the White House with the conviction that Egypt has changed. And that it deserves a different treatment than the one it was given under Obama, which cost him a lot. He lost the most important compass that can keep balance in the Middle East. Even if he managed to rely on other states, it turned out that they do not possess Egypt’s strategic and historical weight.”
Youssef Ayoub, Mohamed Al-Galy,
Al-Youm Al-Sabei

The Syrian regime

The Syrian regime

Amgad Rasmy, Asharq Al-Awsat

Harsher punishment needed

Harsher punishment needed

“In the good old days, when Shaarawi Gomaa was the interior minister, if a young man made a comment — even if it was a nice one — to a girl in the street, he would be taken to the police station and punished by shaving his hair completely in order to humiliate him and make an example of him... Obviously, it is high time to set harsher punishments for harassment before the catastrophe of harassing the girl in Sharqiya is repeated.”
Karam Gabr, Al-Youm Al-Sabei


“I like how Zamalek fans are not unhappy because their club lost. They know Mortada Mansour will raise a banner with ‘Zamalek is the real champion of the tournament’ written on it at the end of the season.”
Mohamed El Adl

“Mansour wrote on the gates of Zamalek Club ‘The club of the century’. That reminded me of when he bought a cup from [the famous department store] Al-Tawheed wal-Nour and lifted it [as if the club had won]. It takes more than force to win a championship.”
Adel Abd Elazeem


Ceyda Karan @ceydak 
Egyptian lawyer had launched an appeal against a court ruling which backed Cairo’s transfer of 2 Red Sea islands Tiran/Sanafir to Saudi.

Zeinobia @Zeinobia  
Tiran and Sanafir’s verdict today issued from urgent matters court will increase the crisis within the judiciary. #Egypt

Eduard Cousin @EduardCousin 
Court #Egypt overrules earlier court decision: Red Sea islands #tiran #sanafir will go to #saudiarabia

Dr Phil Weir @navalhistorian 
BBC News — Egypt court voids ruling halting transfer of Tiran & Sanafir islands in the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics

Egyptian Essence: 40,000 trainees

“The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics intensified its training programme for 40,000 participants in the next stage of the census that will start on 10 April. The training will last till 8 April in 457 training centres, 66 of which are in Cairo.”
Al-Masry Al-Youm

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