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Tuesday,24 April, 2018
Issue 1341, (20 - 26 April 2017)

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Moon meditation for spring

Mai Samih inhales positive spring energy at a pink moon meditation session in Cairo


Spring signifies revitalisation in all cultures. It is the beginning of new life for many creatures, especially plants and animals. It also marks the beginning of a new year and with it positive energy in the atmosphere. One time at which this positive energy can best emerge is at the time of the pink moon that occurs at the beginning of spring.

Holistic consultant Mariam Emara explains the meaning of the pink moon by saying that it only happens once a year when there is a full moon in the middle of the month before the advent of spring. The first part of the name comes from the colour of the roses that begin to blossom during spring, while the other part signifies the time of the month when the moon is full. “This is why we say that it is a pink moon and that life is renewed. Life flourishes when pink flowers start budding,” Emara says.

Since the major component of a human body is water, water can have a great effect on human life. “During a full moon the tides flow, meaning that the water in the sea is on the move. The same phenomenon occurs in all beings, especially human beings. Since most of our bodies are composed of water, we feel a state of expansion inside our bodies which includes all our organs,” Emara says.

For example, if someone has a case of water retention this is very clear at this time of year, and he may even discover his body is swelling. The same flowing effect applies to feelings. “If someone has feelings, whether positive or negative, they will expand in spring.

This is why it is very important for every human being to gain control over these feelings and to make sure that positive feelings prevail,” according to Emara.

Moon meditation

“We must make sure that we go through a process of detoxifying any negative feelings during this time. For the same reason, God ordered us to fast during this time during the lunar days. This is also to get rid of toxins and to purify the body,” she says. In some cases when this expansion occurs there are positive feelings that accompany it and no toxic emotions occur. But other people may complain of feeling in a constant state of anger during a full moon, as such feelings increase .This is because the full moon expands such feelings.

“It is for this reason that it is very important to maintain a balance, and the simplest way of doing this is by fasting. Even people who do not fast can benefit by being vegetarians at the time of the pink moon. We advise them not to eat red meat as this can increase the red energy in the body that causes anger,” she adds.

“During the full moon period energy experts prefer to meditate in order to make use of the positive energy in the atmosphere. It is usually very much more than at any other time,” Emara says. Meditation can transform any negative energy in the body into positive energy, and people should make the most of the pink moon period. “The time of the pink moon is the right time to get rid of negative energy and any internal constraints that could be lurking in the body. It is also a time to start new projects or to begin new relationships,” she says.

She says that inside each person there are colours in the form of chakras, the centres of energy that exist inside each human being. There are seven such centres, each having a different colour. These colours increase or decrease depending on the mood a person is in. For example, red energy represents heat and anger. For students, red energy may mean a lack of concentration, and as a result pink moon meditation could help them during their studies as it switches off constraints and heals internal negative spots. It prevents laziness and can help prevent bad relationships with others.

“There are two types of chakras in a human body, lower chakras and higher chakras. The higher chakras are in charge of sophisticated feelings or ideas like love, peace and tolerance, while the lower chakras are in charge of materialistic feelings such as greed. If a person has no balance between the chakras, that person is isolated from the world,” Emara says.  

He may believe that he lives in a higher place than other members of society, but in fact he is too lazy to start new projects. Someone living in the lower chakras is concerned with accumulating money. He does not follow his heart and has no special relationships. “This is why we should maintain a balance between the chakras. They should be on the same level, so that all our energies are on one level and there is a balance in all aspects of life.”

Emara has organised sessions of pink moon meditation in Cairo and Assiut, and she explains the effects it leaves on people. “In order to balance the chakras during a session we have people enter into a state of relaxation. We give them breathing exercises to do. This helps them take in more oxygen and release carbon dioxide and with it the negative energy they have like stress and anger. After that we start helping them to develop more positive emotions,” she says.

“Someone could bear a grudge against someone else. We give them forgiveness exercises to help them forgive that person, as a lack of forgiveness is a barrier that can make people unable to proceed in life. We then start to ‘clean up’ the chakras by passing through the seven power centres in the human body one by one, removing any negative feelings or energy from them and filling them with all that is positive.”

“We help a person to form a positive self-image,” she says. When he has such a positive self-image, he will find it easier to reach his goals.

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