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Current issue | Issue 1342, (27 April - 3 May 2017)
Wednesday,20 March, 2019
Issue 1342, (27 April - 3 May 2017)

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Problem-solving skills

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Problem-solving skills
Problem-solving skills

The ability to solve problems quickly is a great skill to have in life. We all have problems, but the ability to quickly solve these problems and get out of jams has a great bearing on how successful we are in life.

Successful people make quick decisions and get rid of problems as quickly as possible. So, if you’re not naturally gifted at solving problems, you should learn how to make immediate decisions in order to be one of them. Here are some tips for developing exceptional problem-solving skills:


Be positive: By remaining fixated on the problem and feeling sorry for yourself you’re only creating a vicious cycle of negative energy. Don’t ignore your problem; just stop dwelling on it and letting it get you down. Be positive and start shifting the focus to the solution. Once you start saying that you can find a solution, your mind will undergo a remarkable transformation and actively start seeking one out.


Create small goals: Breaking problems down into bits will make them look less scary. Problems can seem insoluble until they are broken down into stages.


Ask for help: The more you ask for help, the more wisdom you’ll absorb. Then when similar problems arise in the future, you’ll know how to deal with them properly.


Stay rational: Always stay in control. Problems can magnify when you lose control, start to imagine the worst, or even panic.


Keep things simple: Try keeping things simple instead of over-complicating them. Sometimes the solution is right in front of your eyes, but you can’t see it because you presume it’s too obvious to be correct.


Endure: Sometimes problems simply don’t go away for a long time. So, have patience and don’t be upset. There’s nothing you can do but wait them out while you remain in control of your mind. Remember that endurance builds character.


Be creative: Even though there are some problems that aren’t going to go away any time soon, you can turn them into a positive by being creative in your response instead of wasting time feeling sorry for yourself.


Stop asking why me: Asking yourself why is a waste of time because it’s another way of focusing too much on the problem. Instead, be more productive and ask yourself “what do I need to do” or “how to do” questions to shift the focus to the solution. You’ll find that solving problems becomes easier this way.


Be selfish: Be a bit more selfish and refuse requests you know you can’t handle at the moment. Sometimes, our inability to say no to people creates its own problems. The more often we say yes, the more our problems may mount up.


Stay motivated: Don’t be easily dispirited. It’s okay to fail to solve a problem the first time around. Luckily, there’s always more than one solution, so keep on trying.

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