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Current issue | Issue 1344, (11 - 17 May 2017)
Friday,27 April, 2018
Issue 1344, (11 - 17 May 2017)

Ahram Weekly


The first funerary garden was discovered in Luxor this week. Though archaeologists knew such gardens existed through illustrations on tombs, the discovered garden is likely to help them learn more about life in what was once ancient Thebes. Thebes was the capital of the unified kingdom of Upper and Lower Egypt. The picture shows a digital reconstruction of the funerary garden from ancient Thebes.

“Egypt’s message to the Gulf is clear: Egyptian security is part and parcel of the Gulf’s security. The president’s frequent visits to the Gulf reflect the importance of Egyptian-Gulf relations and Egypt’s keenness to continuously coordinate and consult with Gulf leaders [on recent developments] in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, the expected moves in the Palestinian issue and tense relations with Iran.”


Faten Naguib Mahfouz

Faten Naguib Mahfouz: In silence

The death of Faten Mahfouz, the daughter of Egyptian Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz (1911-2006), came as a shock to the latter’s lovers and disciples. She died over three weeks ago at the age of 60 and was buried near her father without any media fanfare as per her wishes. Faten and her sister Um Kolthoum lived away from the limelight throughout their lives. The only time they appeared in the media was back in 1988 when they attended the Nobel award ceremony, which Mahfouz could not attend for heath reasons. Their picture wearing Egyptian galabiyas and receiving the award is remembered by millions of proud Arabs. Another picture that made the rounds featured them happily kissing their father.

New policy, new regional planning?

“Hamas’ disclosure of its new policy document was carefully timed to take place two days before Mahmoud Abbas’ meeting with Donald Trump, as if the group wants to send a message to the US president that it is present and can be a reliable party in a new round of negotiations. Hamas wants to book itself a seat not only in the negotiations but in the future as well. Nor can one ignore the fact that the document was revealed in the Qatari capital, which means that it involved coordination and planning with Qatari officials.”

Youssef Ayoub, Al-Youm Al-Sabei

“Hamas’ policy document is not a political manoeuvre but a necessity, since the facts on the ground force to manage the conflict in new, more political and less confrontational ways. The important thing about the document is that it accepts a Palestinian state on the pre-1967 borders and gives up the call to destroy Israel. It also eliminates the sectarian dimension by emphasising that its conflict with the Jews is not because of their religion but because they occupy Palestinian land.”

Khaled Al-Asmaai, Al-Ahram

Another state of blundering

Another state of blundering

“Three years have passed and we are still discussing the new investment law allowing investors to deal with a single entity to obtain the necessary permits for their projects… Although parliament ratified the law, the debate on its implementation is ongoing — a clear indication of blundering.”

Galal Duweidar, Al-Akhbar

Is selling nationality a sin?

Is selling nationality a sin?

“Egyptians have a very strong sense of ownership [but] can I just ask whether the US, Britain, Switzerland, Germany and more than 100 other countries offering nationality in return for investment are wrong? The greatest world countries allow foreigners to own land and real estate without restrictions. Does this undermine the sense of belonging of their governments? The US Central Bank allowed China to buy government bonds for nearly $1 trillion; is it selling off the US economy? Besides, the Egyptian passport only grants access to very few countries.”

Emadeddin Adib, Al-Watan

French elections

Hani, Al-Hayat

baladi bread

Egyptian Essence: $700 is the maid’s salary

“At a time when subsidised baladi bread has become the main dish of many poor families because of the rise in the prices of rice and pasta, controversy spread on social media because a lady called for putting a limit on the Filipino maids’ salaries, which reached $700, that is LE13,000.”

Fatheya Al-Dakhakhni, Al-Masry Al-Youm


“Emmanuel Macron’s supporters are celebrating in front of the Louvre, in front of the symbol of global art and human greatness.”

Ibrahim Abdel-Meguid


“If we review the CV of Emmanuel Macron, we find out he is a 2004 secondary-school management graduate. He worked with the former French president François Mitterrand to support the French economy, President Holland chose him as one of his advisors, then he was minister of the economy for two years before resigning to form his own political party. This background without a doubt will help him to face the challenges he will meet.”

Hala Galal


Middle East Monitor @MiddleEastMnt  

Centrist #Macron triumphs over neo-fascist #LePen in French presidential poll.


Scientists for EU @Scientists4EU  

The right-wing press fume over Macron because he’s pro-EU. But his win is good for Britain, EU, France & science.


Haidar Sumeri @IraqiSecurity

Trump wasn’t much better than Hillary re: the Middle East & Le Pen wouldn’t have been much better than Macron. Western politics is diseased.


Remnant Productions @RemnantProd

#Macron, Bringing the Middle East right to France! Oh, and snuggling up to the EU. Two mistakes already, and they thought Trump was bad.

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