Thursday,24 May, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1345, (18 - 24 May 2017)
Thursday,24 May, 2018
Issue 1345, (18 - 24 May 2017)

Ahram Weekly

A Beautiful Lady

A Beautiful Lady
A Beautiful Lady

The Cairo Puppet Theatre
Next to the Al-Attaba Metro Station, Tel 02 2591 0954
Cinderella, a children play with décor and puppets designed by Naglaa Raafat, songs by Tarek Mandour, music composed by Sherif Nour, written by Ahmed Zaki and directed by Lotfy Al-Sayed
(Performances run on Thursdays and Fridays, 6.30pm).

Grand Nile Tower
Corniche Al-Nil, Garden City, Tel 16826
Abtal Baladna (Heroes of Our Country), a puppet show performed by Misr Theatre Puppets, that were made in the Czech Republic depicting all the characters of Misr Theatre Company and their voices presenting a play for children, décor by Mohamed Sami, costumes by Hala Zahwa, written by Egypt’s writing workshop, lyrics by Ayman Bahgat Qamar, music composed by Mohamed Mohie and directed by Ashraf Abdel-Baqi
(Thursday 18, Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May, 11am).

Malak Opera Theatre
9 A Khalig Al-Khour St, Azbekiya district, Ramses, Tel 0122 3417152
Abn Alaih (The Verse’s Son), a play produced by Malak Theatre Company, and is based on Charles Dickens’s novel Oliver Twist. It casts Nasser Shahin, the Voice Kids talents programme star Youssef Farag, Mohamed Yehia, Ahmed Nasser, Ahmed Hisham, Mariam Sami, dance shows choreographed by Mohamed Ashri, who is also the director of the play
(Performances run daily, 9pm).
Egyptian Fantasia, a play starring Doaa Dessouki, Mary Girguis, Marian Samy, Heba Imam, David Salah, Ahmed Diab, Rita Michael among others. Shows are designed by Irini Samir, written and directed by Michael Tadros
(Thursday 18, Friday 19 and Monday 20 May, 6pm).

Metropol (The Children’s National) Theatre
6 Halim St, the beginning of 26th July, Attaba, Downtown, Tel 02 2593 3334
Anta Fein Ya Qamar (Where are your Moon?), a play starring Adel Al-Koumi, Nagah Hassan, Aida Ghoneim shows by Sherif Radi, lyrics by Mohamed Al-Shaaer, music by Bassem Abdel-Aziz, décor and costumes by Ahmed Shawki, written by Hatem Azab, directed by Hassan Saad
(Performances run on Thursdays and Fridays, 7pm).

Miami Theatre
Maarouf St, Qasr Al-Nile, Downtown, Tel 02 2574 5651
Al-Ashq Al-Masmouaa (The Overheard Love), a play tackles the issue of love and marriage in the present time with a comic approach, starring Ibrahim Said, Emy Yehia, Mahmoud Assaf, Michael Rafla and many more. Music by Islam Ashraf, executive director Mohamed Al-Henawi and directed by Mohamed Allam
(Performances run daily except Tuesdays, 8pm).

The National Circus
27 Abdel-Khaleq Tharwat, Cairo, Tel 02 3347 0503
Offering a number of entertaining performances, including clowns, trained dogs, lions and horses
(Performances run daily except Wednesdays, 8pm).

Al-Salam Theatre
101 Qasr Al-Aini St, Tel 02 2795 2484/2794 3016
Qawaaid Al-Ashq Al-Arbaain (The Forty Rules of Adoration), a play starring Bahaa Tharwat, Fawziya, Ezzat Zein, Dina Ahmed, singer Amira Abu-Zeid, religious chanter Samir Azmi, together with the Arab Mawlawiya troupe among others, with dramaturgy by Rasha Abdel-Moneim, music composed by Mohamed Hosni, décor Mustafa Hamed, costumes by Maha Abdel-Rahman and Adel Hassan
(Performances run daily except Tuesdays until Saturday 20 May, 8pm).

El Sawy Culturewheel
End of 26th of July St, under the 15th of May Bridge, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448
Wisdom Hall
Weshoosh Fashoosh (Fake Faces), a short play performed by the Abbasiya Hospital for Psychiatric and Neurological troupe. It revolves around three patients who move from the hospital escaping from troubles and seeking their true faces (Monday 22 May, 6pm). 

Taliaa Theatre
Attaba Square, next to the Metro Station, Tel 02 2593 7948/2592 0522
Salah Abdel-Sabour Hall
Wahda Helwa (A Beautiful Lady), a monodrama starring Marwa Eid, music composed by Mohamed Al-Shazli, décor by Fadi Fokia, written and directed by Akram Mustafa
(Performances run daily, 9pm).
Zaki Tolimat Hall
Yaoum An Qatalu Al-Ghenaa (The Day They Killed Singing) a play on the struggle between two brothers in their journey of searching for the secret of existence and the secret of universe, starring Yasser Sadek, Alaa Qouta, Hend Abdel-Halim, directed by Tamer Karam with décor by Mohamed Saad, and costumes designed by Marwa Mounir
(Performances run daily except Tuesdays, 7pm).

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