Friday,27 April, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1345, (18 - 24 May 2017)
Friday,27 April, 2018
Issue 1345, (18 - 24 May 2017)

Ahram Weekly

In the Presence of the Animal

Adel-Al-Siwi at Mashrabia
Adel-Al-Siwi at Mashrabia

Km 28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Abu Rawash, 6th of October, Tel 0100 0773860
“Artists of Tomorrow,” is an annual group show displaying artwork by 10 promising young artists in separate art fair booths in the huge Arts-Mart gallery space. Participating artists: Adham Badawy, Ahmed Magdy, Dana Al-Nafouri, Asmaa Samy and many more. This year will include an art booth for Mhanny Yaoud’s large colourful irregular painting installations (closing 27 May).

Cairo Opera Complex
Gezira Exhibition Grounds,Zamalek
Salah Taher gallery
Tel 02 2739 0132/0144
Oil paintings by a Thai artist (closing 22 May).
Music Library (Ziyad Bakir) Hall
Installation by David William (closing 21 May).
Palace of Arts
“Wings of Mexico, ” two wings of bronze created by Mexico’s world-renowned contemporary artist Jorge Marin placed upon an iron frame, above three steps of concrete, two isolated wings, that seemingly stand in thin air; then, someone climbs the steps, stands in front of them and, for that moment, it all makes sense. The sculpture will be placed in front of the entrance of the Palace of Arts building for six month until next October.

Ceramic and Traditional Handicrafts Centre
1 Al-Imam St, behind Amr bin Al-Aas Mosque, Al-Fustat, Old Cairo, Tel 02 2364 3103
A permanent exhibition of the centre’s ceramic, brass, jewellery and khayameya products.

Contemporary Image Collective (CIC)
22 Abdel Khalek Tharwat St, 4th Floor, Downtown, Cairo, Tel 02 2396 4272
“Imagined Life in a Museum Vitrine,” is the fourth and final chapter of the long term project If Not For That Wall that has been taking place at CIC over the past two years. It is a long-term project interested in different forms of imprisonment. It addresses institutionalized forms of imprisonment as well as other forms of social exclusion. It includes Plan for Greater Baghdad by Ala Younis, The Zone by Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, The Exhibition by Hossam Ali and Domestic Tourism II by Maha Maamoun.The chapter traces notions of desire and defeat inherent to the histories of national liberation movements in Egypt and the region, and the recession of collective forms of organization and ideas of the common in face of accelerated processes of segregation, individualization and consumption.Imagined Life in A Museum Vitrine consists of an exhibition, alongside a programme of discussions, artist talks, screenings, a workshop, and a selection of related books available in the CIC’s library. The exhibition brings together four works that look at the construction of national identity and the manifestations of the state in the modern Arab city (closing 22 June).

14 Al-Hrar St, off Al-Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz, Mohandeseen
“Earth Memory,” a duo exhibition of sculpture by Said Badr and Ayman Al-Semary (closing 25 May).

Al-Ghouri Caravansary
Imam Mohamed Abdou St, off Al-Muaaz St with Al-Azhar, Tel 02 2514 7475
Permanent exhibition of the handicraft centre’s products, including pottery, brass artworks and jewellery.

6 Al-Gumhouriya St, Abdin, Tel 02 2391 6769
“Shorouk (sunrise),” paintings by Mohamed Dessouki (closing 23 May).

Italian Cultural Institute
3 El-Sheikh El Marsafy St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 5423/2735 8791
“Photography From Italy to Poland,” an exhibition of photos on the Renaissance and Baroque architecture of Krakow (closing 25 May).

18 Al-Mansour Mohamed St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 3349/01000 694940
“3+1,” a group exhibition features the artists: Amal Bashir, Khaled Sirag, Salah Al-Mur and Souad Abdel-Rasoul (closing 23 May).

Mahmoud Mokhtar Culture Centre
5 Tahrir St, beside Cairo Sporting Club, Tel 02 2735 1123
Isis Hall & Nahdat Misr Hall
“Multi-Tasking,” is the theme of Salon 20’s first session which is a bold approach from the Sector of Fine Arts to target a new demographic of young promising artists aging from 18 to 23 (15-29 May).

8 Champollion St, Downtown, Tel 02 25784494/ 0100 1704554
​“In the Presence of the Animal,” an exhibition of paintings by Adel El-Siwi. Comprising 280 artworks, including paintings, assemblages, drawings and mono-prints, all rigorously selected among hundreds of works produced, this exhibition is truly special and cannot be missed (closing 31 May).

Mr and Mrs Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum
On the corner of Giza St and Kafur St, next to the State Council, Giza,
Tel 02 3336 2921
Horizon One Hall
An exhibition commemorates the 100th birth anniversary of artist Sayed Abdel-Rasoul (1917-1995) (closing 18 May).

4A Ibn Zankai St, from Hassan Sabri, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 0604
“Via Aurelia,” solo sculpture exhibition by sculptor Naguib Moein
(closing 18 May).

Museum of Modern Egyptian Art
Cairo Opera House Grounds, Gezira, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 6667/65
Al-Bab Hall
“Life…Love…Death,” paintings by Mahmoud Abul-Azm (closing 21 May).

Picasso East
Villa No 39 Al Narges 35th settlement, 90’s St, in front of Lake View Compound, Tel 0122 0000035
“Out of the Box,” a group exhibition of paintings by the likes of Alaa Yehia, Tamer Ragab, Salma Al-Ashri, Mohamed Eid, Noha Ali, Marwa Youssef, Abeer Fawzi (13 May-3 June).

6 Brazil St, Zamalek, Tel 012 7016 9291
“Horra,” an exhibition of paintings by Karim Abd Elmalak (closing 19 May).

10 Nabarawy St, off Champollion St, Downtown, Tel 02 2576 8086
Factory Space
“Out of Print,” is an invitation to think in 3D. It is a collaboration between tech collective Cairo Hackerspace and members of the public. Individuals are invited to put forth an idea or problem to be translated into physical form: it could be a sound or a gesture, a painting or a photograph. Engineers from Cairo Hackerspace will be available every day of the exhibition from 4 to 8 with 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, scanners and sensors to create, problem-solve, and produce models based on the ideas presented. In addition to participating in the printing process, members of the public are also invited to pen their thoughts on an idea board facing the printers. This experiment attempts to challenge notions of value in the process of artistic production. An “original” can be contested when the artwork itself is a reproducible data file; a chance glitch can create something that’s one of a kind. The result of this collaborative interaction is an unpredictable process that raises questions about copyright and intellectual property (closing 21 June). 

20 Hassan Sabry St, (entrance from Ibn Zinki St), Zamalek, Tel 0100 2792223
Magd El-Sagini’s students’ exhibition features works by Ahmed Ghalwash, Amr Dabaa, Eman Hussein - Hana El-Sagini - Hind El-Shiaty - Karim Abdel-Nour, Madiha Al-Naggar, Maha Osman, Mary Baramki - Mervat Hassan, Nevine Hamza and many more (21 May-3 June).

34 Lebanon St, Mohandseen, Tel 010 99409273/010 20036569
“Reflection of the Soul,” features paintings by a number of artists including Emad Rizk, Farida Darwish, Ola Youssef, Ashraf Zaki, Eman Hakim, Mohamed Abbass, Rania Anis and many more (closing 20 May).

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