Thursday,25 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1345, (18 - 24 May 2017)
Thursday,25 April, 2019
Issue 1345, (18 - 24 May 2017)

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Pretty in pink

Fashion show
Fashion show

“It’s May, it’s May, the lusty month of May”, and here we are caught with nothing to wear. Not to worry. This is a just what we all say often — spring, summer, winter and fall.

Admittedly, dressing for spring is hard, as the earth has not quite made up her mind to embrace the warm weather, but surely your basic pantsuit, LBD, (little black dress), cardigans and jeans were able to cover that period adequately.

We have been delinquent in presenting our summer fashion review, what with year-end exams, the mother of all bombs, the missiles of Kim Jung-Un, the visit of Pope Francis to Egypt, it has not been easy to concentrate on fashion.

Admittedly, our focus is deep and abiding in beautiful clothes, without a twinge of guilt.

Clothes are symbols of our own social and cultural boundaries, so on with the task of searching for the right ones for this summer.

We have good news to share. This season is DIY. We felt the need to ask what that meant and were delighted to discover it stood for, “Do It Yourself”. What joy. What pleasure. We are free to do whatever makes us elegant and comfortable.

However, do we not need some guidance from those busy, hard working, earnest designers?

While the fashion-pack loves black, it often takes second-billing during the hot summer months, but is never out of sight. Matched with white it is ever so striking, so chic, so tasteful.

Summer colours make us all yawn. They are as boring as they are predictable. Bright hues, vibrant florals, striking stripes — end of story. Well, yawn no more. Pink is here and it flatters every skin tone. and takes years off your face.

They say everyone is “pretty in pink”. If, however, you feel it is too girlish, forget the wedding outfit in a perfect blush by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Go for the hot, shocking pink, fuchsia, even scarlet, heliotrope, cherry blossom, redberry — more and more fuchsia. Who knew pink had so many shades. Think of pink roses with joy in every stitch and romance in every seam.

No pink for you? What about sunshine yellow? It is an eye-catcher, so give it another look this season. There are 50 shades of yellow and more as Kate Spade, Jason Wu and others discovered, with dazzling results.

Khaki is no longer just a safari-look. Designers have made it work for dresses, coats and even evening wear as seen at Carolina Herrera.

Having squeezed out the juice of the 1960s and 1970s during the last few seasons it was a sure bet that designers would reach the 1980s. Sure enough the styles of the 1980s are back, super rich, super elegant and super classic. Isabel Morant, known as the “queen of boho” has also stepped out into the realm of high-shine fabrics with drapes and lots of volume... very 80s.

The essence of the affluent 1980s has one disadvantage. There is not much for day-wear that takes you through the night. If you are planning a night out, that is what you should do... plan. Dress for it. Enhance your silhouette with the new ripped waists, fastened with giant belts and plenty hemline, presented by Gucci, Altuzarra, Miu Miu,, balanced out by big shoulders, bare shoulders, bare one shoulder… you DIY.

Crystal earrings, sky-high stilettos are key for the fashionistas, out to enchant and enthrall. No one does this look with more ferociousness than Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello.

Remember Flashdance the 1983 movie, which had us all baring one shoulder? If it is not off the shoulder this summer — it is not right — just make sure it is a pretty shoulder. This has been the most popular look on the catwalk at Rodarte, Prabal, Gurung among others. It is déjà-vu all over again. The only difference is in the sleeve, instead of the flare it is slit, which would allow a summer breeze to cool us down. If you can pull it off, then do it... it is fresh, young and all the rage. What is old is new again.

The mix and match trend is the most convenient and most economical. It has been artfully presented by Gucci, Altuzarra, Miu Miu, Dolce and Gabbana and even Chanel. Study well your wardrobe. Surely you have a white shirt. Dress it up, dress it down, add baubles and bangles, fringe earrings or even make of it a dress, shirt dresses are big this summer. Borrow one from your significant other and cinch it at the waist. It has been seen with heels and with a longer hemline as an evening outfit.

Speaking of white, what summer is complete without white. Pants, tees, handbags, sandals, mules, necklaces, bangles, hair-accessories — everything looks better with white.

Bright red lipstick is hard to wear, but a suntan helps by day and your shiny night costumes require it. There is a wave of eclecticism this season that helps us mix and match, look pretty in any and every shade of pink. Cut-outs and peek-a-boos are proudly displayed at Valentino, Dior and Rochas.

If none of the above suits your fancy, remember it’s a DIY season and anything and everything goes, as long as you wear your smile and good nature.

That, in the end, is what will leave an impression.

That in the end is the fashion that endures.

“Fashion condemns us to many follies; the greatest is to make oneself its slave.”
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

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