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Current issue | Issue 1346, (25 - 31 May 2017)
Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Issue 1346, (25 - 31 May 2017)

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The Ministry of Culture is organising a festival on the occasion of the Hilal (Crescent) of Ramadan tomorrow in Al-Muezz Street. The celebration is taking place in the framework of the project of reviving historic Cairo. It will include heritage art and a historic parade that will take the participants back to the holy month of Ramadan in the days of the Mamluks and Fatimids. The parade will start at Bab Al-Fotouh and end at the Kalawoon complex where the Samaa musical troupe will present a show called A Message of Peace.

“I believe that we should be more cautious in applying the new system of the thanaweya amma — high school certificate. How can we apply a new system in a country that does not have enough schools and a state that cannot secure exams... I fear that the new thanaweya amma will be another episode in a series of failures hitting the educational system in Egypt. It is a great idea that can only be applied if the human and financial resources needed are available.”

Gamal Nafei, Al-Ahram

cairo airport

Cairo Airport: 54 years serving passengers

The chairman of the board of directors and the PR team of the Cairo International Airport commemorated the 54th anniversary of the airport by congratulating the workers and distributing flowers to passengers last Thursday.

The airport was first established by the US air force and the British army in 1942 as a military airport 5km away from Almaza Airport. It served the Allied forces in the course of World War II.

All airports under British management were transferred to Egyptian management in December 1946. The airport was named after King Farouk of Egypt in the same month. After the July 1952 Revolution, its name was changed again to Cairo International Airport.

Several studies were conducted in 1955 to replace the old building with a new one. The building process started in 1957 and was officially inaugurated on 18 May 1963 by president Gamal Abdel-Nasser to serve up to five million passengers every year.  

At present, the Cairo airport is some 22km away from Downtown Cairo. It is built on 40 square metres from which more than 60 airline companies operate. It was named Best Airport in Africa in 2006.

“What is the fastest bird on earth? The eagle, the falcon or the Ramadan salary?”

Who will win LE1 million?

“What is the fastest bird on earth? The eagle, the falcon or the Ramadan salary?”

Islam, Al-Watan

Mutual benefits?

“Trump pledged that if he became the US president, he would run the state as if it were an economic project. When one sees him signing agreements to the value of $460 billion, one cannot help asking about the return. During Prince Mohamed bin Salman’s visit to the US, the kingdom promised to give the US all it needs in return for containing Iran, allowing Saudi to lead the region and guaranteeing a smooth succession.”

Alaa Al-Ghitrifi, Al-Masry Al-Youm

“Until the results of Trump’s visit are clear on the ground, the military and economic deals concluded will remain the only outcome of the visit. From the US point of view, these deals are a rare chance to revive the American economy, which is suffering from various difficulties. Besides, the US is back in the region as a leader lifting Trump’s slogan during his presidential campaign: ‘Saudi needs to pay for our protection of Riyadh’. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has got what it wanted: an American pledge that it will stand by Riyadh in its war against Iran.”

Emadeddin Hussein, Al-Sorouk

“Do you know who is the president who is suffering the most difficult conditions in that summit? It is Trump. Some US presidents like Nixon faced one scandal while Trump is facing five: establishing secret relations with Russian officials, having a Russian bank finance a private project of his, sacking the chief of the FBI because he opened an investigation in the matter, revealing highly sensitive information and his son-in-law attempting to reduce the price of an arms deal to Saudi which left an impression that he took a commission. Thus, he is the one most in need of quick success so that he can get out of his present difficulties.”

Emadeddin Adib, Al-Watan


Healthy competition

“The reformist Iranian president won the presidential elections for a second term. Although the authority of the supreme guide and his military, political and economic arms has the upper hand, the competition within the regime gives Iran the chance to develop. That makes its regime, though undemocratic, more efficient than the Arab regimes, which do not have any form of internal competition. That competition can one day open the door to reducing the authority of the supreme guide or its transformation from a governing to a counselling body. Will the competition inside the regime be a prelude to easing the absolute powers of the supreme guide? That is what the future will show.”

Amr Al-Shobaki, Al-Masry Al-Youm

6 October 1973

We won at the end

“It took 50 Hijri-lunar years for the 5 June and 10 Ramadan to occur on the same day. Now that all these years have passed, we can look back at the day of our defeat — 5 June 1967 — wisely rather than emotionally. I record before history that all the tanks, weapons and equipment of the Egyptian army were destroyed on that day. But the enemy failed to destroy the fighters’ will or their fighting spirit. Had the enemy managed to destroy our fighting spirit, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve victory six years later on 10 Ramadan (6 October 1973). Yes, we were defeated on that day, but we later vanquished defeat and managed to achieve victory.”

Salah Montasser, Al-Ahram


“Al-Sisi’s speech in Riyadh regarding combating terrorism was no less important than Sadat’s address to the Knesset. It cast light on how to combat terrorism via a comprehensive plan that has a clear time limit. The president highlighted the Palestinian issue in that conference for fear that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is transformed to a conflict between Sunni and Shia.”

Hala Galal


 “A Trump summit in Riyadh: the abundance of money and fear from Iran can do more than that!”

Ziad Akl


Ivanka Trump@IvankaTrump  

We had an amazing and historic visit in Saudi Arabia. I am excited to continue our trip in Israel.


Dr.OLMO @realDrOlmo  

#FakesNews @CNN once reported #TRUMP won’t be welcome in Muslim world. He was awarded Saudi Arabia’s highest civilian honor at #RiyadhSummit


Tulsi Gabbard @TulsiGabbard  

In 2011 Trump says Saudi is “the world’s biggest funder of terrorism.” But yesterday #TrumpinSaudi signs massive arms deal. What happened?


Impeach Donald Trump@Impeach_D_Trump  

Saudi Arabia has pledged $100 million to Ivanka’s Entrepreneurs Fund. Does that explain why Trump suddenly love the people he once hated?



Title: “The moment Trump SOLD-OUT the USA” This is the Worst idea in history, ALL our leverage gone and the $$ is invested into Saudi Arabia.



Politicians knock Trump for not making a forceful case for human rights during a speech in Saudi Arabia.

The Egyptian Liver Institution

Egyptian Essence:20 villages free from Virus C

“The Egyptian Liver Institution celebrated the declaration of the first 20 villages and one city in Egypt that are completely free of Virus C. The initiative ‘village free from Virus C’ was launched in May 2015 in the framework of President Al-Sisi’s initiative to make Egypt completely free of the virus by 2020.”

Akhbar Al-Youm

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