Sunday,19 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1348, (8 - 14 June 2017)
Sunday,19 May, 2019
Issue 1348, (8 - 14 June 2017)

Ahram Weekly

Gobran Khalil Gobran

Gobran Khalil Gobran
Gobran Khalil Gobran

Amir Taz Palace
27 Al-Syoufiya St, off Al-Salebiya St, Al-Khalifa district, Tel 02 2514 2581
Thurs 8, 9.30pm: An evening of poetry features a number of poets.
Tues 13, 9.30pm: “Creative Egypt,” a poetic salon introduces Poet Mohamed Bahgat.

Arab House for Poetry
Behind Al Azhar Mosque, Al-Azhar, Tel 02 2514 2990
Sun 11, 9.30pm: “Sufi Poetry in Egyptian Heritage,” an evening of poetry.

Beit Al Sinnari
Mongue Ally, Behind Al Saneya Secondary School, Al Sayeda Zeinab Square, Cairo, Tel 02 2390 9471
Sat 10, 9-11pm: Minister of Culture and writer Helmy Al-Namnam, and Chairman of the board of Al-Ahram Organistaion and Head of the Press Syndicate Abdel Mohsen Salama will talk about the ordeals facing culture and journalism of today. Fine artists Mustafa Al-Razzaz will speak about the liberty of creativity in art.
Sun 11, 9-11pm: A seminar organized in support of the Syrian state and its people features Syrian ambassador to Egypt Riyad Sinah, writer Gihad Aouda, fine artist Samir Zaza among others.
Mon 12, 9-11pm: Emad Abu-Ghazi, former Minister of Culture, Poet Mohamed Ibrahim Abu-Sena and journalist Fathi Khatab will discuss the dilemma of dealing with Arab newspapers.
Tues 13, 9-11pm: Poet Zein Al-Abdin Fouad, sports critic Mahmoud Maarouf and cinema critic Magda Mouris will criticize the TV drama. (All seminars are moderated by Al-Gumhouriya newspaper Managing Editor Youssri Al-Sayed).

Doum Cultural Foundation
13, Al Fardous St, via Shahin St, Al Agouza, Tel 02 3760 4522
Imhoteb Hall
Sat 10, 9pm: “The Writers’ Letters,” a reading seminar on the personal lives of five famous writers, namely: Henry Miller, Gobran Khalil Gobran, Aml Donkol, Ghasan Kanafani and Franz Kafka, through a reading of their letters. The reading is by Omar Sameh, Samar Ali and Rasha Nashaat under the supervision of Dr. Sahar Nagui.

Egyptian House for Architecture
4 Darb Al-Tebana St, Al Darb Al Ahmar, Tel 012 6296 5078
Tues 6, 9.30pm: A seminar on architecture in Egyptian literature.
Sat 10, 9.30pm: “Read in the Street,” a reading workshop for children organized by Master Crafter Group.
Tues 13, 9.30pm: A seminar on architecture and music.

French Cultural Institute
Madrasset Al-Huquq Al Frinseya St, Mounira, Tel 02 2791 5800
Sun 11, 8pm: A seminar features Islamic Researcher, Hamady Al- Radiesy on the theory of Wahabism, its history, and present.

El Sawy Culturewheel
End of 26th of July St, underneath the 15th of May Bridge, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448
Word Hall
Fri 9, 9pm: “Astronomy Series Meteorites,” a lecture on the emergence and appearance of meteorites, the Tunguska event and the Aral Lake incident. The lecture will be presented by Engineer Mahmoud Adel.
Mon 12, 9pm: The monthly meeting of El Sawy Culturewheel Camera Club with photographer Karim Nabil, Founder of N-Focus Photography Club.
Tues 13, 9pm: “In the Love of God,” an Islamic seminar conducted by Preacher Nader Al-Sheikh, on how to take advantage of the holy month of Ramadan.


Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Tel (03) 4839999
BACC Main Hall
Mon 12, 9pm: “I Invite You to Sujood,” a storytelling written by Ahmed Abdel Karim and organized by East Group for Arts and Hend Al-Rawy.
Tues 13 and Thurs 15, 12pm: “My Journey into Mosaics, Turning a Childhood Fantasy into Oriental Artworks,” two lectures introduces Suzanne Spahi.

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