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Current issue | Issue 1348, (8 - 14 June 2017)
Wednesday,20 March, 2019
Issue 1348, (8 - 14 June 2017)

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Myth, sham, mystery or scam?

Kyoto Protocol
Kyoto Protocol

Is there anything in this world that is not blamed on mankind?

How long can we sustain a normal life when every faction is dumping on us such mindless guilt, creating restlessness pain and confusion? Why, “it is more than a bear can bear.”

What an endless list of burdens we have to carry, primary among them, the Islamic State or radical Muslim extremists, mauling and murdering right and left, with a craving for death to all who do not adhere to their preposterous ideology. If only they could drop “Muslim” from their label.

For years we have heard the world cry “we shall annihilate them, burn them, bury them,” yet they continue to thrive as the rest of us cower and suffer.

Thirteen days after Manchester was hit, London Bridge was hit again and only now they profess: ”Enough is enough”. Is that not long overdue after so much innocent bloodshed?

Admittedly, they have 22,000 radicalised Brits among them and only 3000 are surveyed. Are the 19,000 left to run amuck, slashing and slaughtering at will? Why not deport, incarcerate, banish them, whatever? They gave home and freedom to refugees who turned out to be criminals. Do something more than talk and whine.

Two courts have stopped President Donald Trump from executing a temporary ban on visitors from 5 countries known to breed and nurture terrorists. Is that so bad? By all means. It is racist, discriminatory and politically incorrect. What is he supposed to do, invite terrorists in to kill his countrymen?

One can hardly keep a straight face.

Our plate is full. There is travel to outer space, leaking and hacking our lap-tops, sale of human organs, too much sugar, too much salt, and now climate change! One cannot bite more than one can chew.

As for climate change, the debate is ongoing, and the pros and cons are more fervent than ever.

Temperatures on Earth have increased by less than one point Celsius during the last 100 years. Woe is me. “The sky is falling”. Are we in imminent danger of extermination? It is more likely that Iran or North Korea will take care of that before the heat does.

Blame it all on the United Nations which has of late fancied itself as a world government, instituting a new world order. It has decreed that the only way to save the planet is to decrease, diminish, or better still, eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, from factories, automobiles, trains, plans and all the technology that we have worked hard to develop during the last century. This is politically correct for “Man is the worst thing that happened to Nature”. Who would enjoy nature if not man? Granted, man may have abused her, then just apply some rules and regulations and not invent this major mythical crisis, as terrifying as true terrorism.

The UN gathered the opinion of 2,000 scientists, any scientists they could find to agree with them, while the US, which has been strict about applying preservation codes, but has signed no UN imposed international treaty, has the backing of 7,400 atmospheric scientists from the US alone who claim that: “Mankind has had less effect on global warming than previously thought.”

How dare you claim such a fact — the UN will not allow you, some scientists will not allow you, public opinion will not allow you because it is totally influenced by a biased media, that will hang you.

Adherents to global warming are numerous and powerful and will silence any dissenters with their army of politicians, who teamed up with investors, industrialists, businessmen not to mention movie-stars. Big money has already been generated by no-fuel industries. Millions of dollars have been cashed from industries that were never even started.

Earth’s climate has been changing constantly over its five-billion-year history. At times the climate warmed causing oceans to rise and cover much of Earth’s surface. A rapid build-up of natural greenhouse gases amplified warming in the early Jurassic period, (180 million years ago), with average temperatures rising to 5 degrees Celsius. Over the next 150,000 years CO2 levels dropped back to normal.

It happened again 800,000 years ago, when Earth experienced eight glacial cycles, with interglacial warm periods comparable to present temperatures. How about that? There were certainly no such culprits as planes, trains or automobiles.

Thirty-thousand-years ago North America was covered by sheets of ice. It was only about 14,000 years ago that the last ice-sheet began to melt very quickly and within 7000 years the ice was gone.

As recently as the 14th century, Europeans lived through what is known as “The Little Ice Age”, which lasted several hundred years, causing starvation and migration to warmer climates.

Such changes cause extermination of plants and animals which favour warmer weather.

We have been brainwashed by the most powerful tool ever, the media, which insists on ignoring nature’s own cyclical weather changes and has 95 per cent of us believing that we caused a natural disaster by warming our planet.

Again we are all supposed to have one viewpoint. Any deviation makes us — how did Hillary Clinton put it — “deplorables”.

The Paris Accord is now called the Kyoto Protocol, number two, which means pay-up rich countries, in order to save this poor planet and thus save mankind.

Erroneous or exaggerated can we at least invest in seeking the facts, the evidence, the truth and save our peace of mind.

“The unnatural — that too is natural.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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