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Wednesday,24 April, 2019
Issue 1352, (13 - 19 July 2017)

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Holiday beauty essentials

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 Holiday beauty essentials
Holiday beauty essentials

Travelling soon? Then you should know that what to pack for your summer vacation can be a bit of challenge. From pleasant-smelling summer perfumes to an effective SPF for face and body sunscreen, there are a number of beauty items which are holiday packing essentials. No matter how many times you write a checklist, you always seem to forget something that you need.

However, it’s crucial that you remember all your personal items when travelling, especially if you fear you may not be able to buy them when you are at your destination. These are the beauty items you need to pack to make sure you have a restful holiday:

•      Sun cream: You need to bring a body sun cream and a face sun cream with an appropriate SPF. When it comes to health and beauty, there is nothing more important than taking care in the sun, and it’s recommended using products that have a SPF of 30.

•      After-sun body lotion and oil: It may seem unnecessary to pack all these moisturising products, but if your suitcase allows, do it. Use the after-sun straight after the beach. For evenings, choose a scented, deeply moisturising cream and use oil on your legs. To prolong your tan and keep your skin moist, you can reapply just before you go to bed to allow your body to absorb maximum moisture overnight.

•      Make-up removal: After a long day, you need to be able to remove make-up quickly and easily. Choose wipes that are gentle and effective. They’re great for throwing in your beach bag and taking with you on-the-go.

•      A bright lip shade: Ditch your regular lipstick in favour of red, orange or hot pink. This is the quickest, easiest and most effective way to glam up your look and is the symbol of classic beauty. Remember, going on holiday means embracing brighter, bolder and braver lip shades.

•      A summery scent: Pick a citrusy fresh fragrance that will make you feel summer-ready in a single spritz.

•      A vibrant nail shade: A bright nail shade like peachy coral will add to your look on the beach.

•      Peach-shade blusher: After a long day in the sun, your skin will be redder than usual and peach shades will help neutralise this redness whilst brightening up your complexion.

•      Hairdryer, straightener or curler: These items as well as products like a salt spray will help you get the ultimate “beachy messy” look.

•      Concealer and tinted moisturiser: Don’t forget your concealer, a light tinted moisturiser or a cream that has a SPF of 30. They will perfectly cover any imperfections during your summer holiday.

•      A multipurpose bronzer: Instead of your normal powder-based product, opt for a liquid or gel bronzer for contouring, tanning and adding that extra glow.

•      Waterproof mascara: Always apply waterproof mascara to your lashes for a long-lasting look in the water as well as out.

•      Face mask: Pamper yourself with a face mask to restore moisture alongside your normal night cream and rejuvenate your skin after sun exposure.

•      A detangling hair brush: A detangling brush is a holiday must-have because hair can get seriously tangled after a day swimming and lounging by the pool.

•      And finally: A nice hat, lovely beach bag and glamorous eye glasses.

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