Thursday,21 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1354, (27 July - 2 August 2017)
Thursday,21 February, 2019
Issue 1354, (27 July - 2 August 2017)

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Moroccan beef stew

 Moroccan beef stew
Moroccan beef stew

Serves 4-6

1 kg lean beef cutlets (cut into one inch cubes)
2 large onions (peeled, quartered)
4 tsp crushed garlic
3 medium carrots (peeled, cut into big chunks)
1 large parsnip (cut into chunks; same size as carrot)
2 medium-sized sweet potatoes (peeled, cut into chunks; same size as parsnip)
1 cup leek (heads and good leaves; chopped)
1/2 cup mixture of dried apricots and pitted prunes
400 gm can diced or whole peeled tomato; in sauce (undrained)
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp of each:
Salt, pepper, 7spices, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, ground ginger
2 tbsp olive oil

Heat a large skillet over high.  Add oil and lower heat to medium-low.  Add beef cubes in batches; without crowding skillet.  Brown beef on all sides.  Remove onto a plate, with a slotted spatula.  Continue with remaining beef.  Add more oil; if necessary, to skillet.  Stir in garlic, and immediately add all seasoning.  Stir in onion, until fragrant.  Add tomato with its sauce and add sugar.  Bring to the boil over medium heat.  Stir to combine contents.  Add all prepared vegetables and bring beef back to skillet; keeping sweet potato on top.  Add a small amount of hot water; and cover.  Bring to a boil, then allow to simmer and cook; over low heat.  Check occasionally if more hot water is needed.  When sweet potato is ten minutes before being done; add dried fruit and check for water.  When sweet potato is done; remove away from heat.  Serve hot with fluffed couscous and a green salad aside.

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