Friday,23 February, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1354, (27 July - 2 August 2017)
Friday,23 February, 2018
Issue 1354, (27 July - 2 August 2017)

Ahram Weekly


Summer Festival for Music and Singing

This year the Summer Festival for Music and Singing coincided with the 65th anniversary of 23 July Revolution. It started this week at the Alexandria Opera House with a children's ballet performance followed by the children's choir. All participants wore the Egyptian flag. The minister of culture who attended the celebration made a point of personally greeting and congratulating the children.

Mohsen Farouk

Mohsen Farouk: the oldest opera singer

The sudden death of opera soloist Mohsen Farouk left the Opera House staff in shock this week.

Farouk, the oldest and one the most famous opera voices, was known for his skilled singing of Mohamed Abdel-Wahab and Sayed Darwish songs in the various performances.

Farouk was born in 1961. He joined the Opera House when he was in secondary school and worked there for over 38 years. He headed the Opera Committee for Music Heritage, supervised Bait Al-Ghinaa Al-Araby (or the House of Arab Singing) and managed to train many young singers.

He participated in prestigious shows and represented Egypt in festivals all over the world.

The Cultural Development Department regarded him as one of the guardians of Arab singing and protectors of heritage.

He died on Sunday at the age of 65 years, just a few hours before he was due to give a concert at Prince Bishtak Palace on Muiz Street.

“Israel’s Jewification of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa and elimination of any genuine plan to establish a Palestinian state are underway... The Palestinian cause is going through a difficult phase which requires a quick move from the Arab organisations including the Arab League and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and human rights organisations in addition to the media to emphasise the legitimate rights of the Palestinians and question the Israeli and American claim that Israel is seeking peace.”
Yasser Tantawi, Al-Masry Al-Youm

Foreign military bases in Qatar

Foreign military bases in Qatar
"The best paragraph in his speech is about sovereignty!"
Mohamed Abdel Latif, Al-Youm Al-Sabei

Breaking the taboos

“The fifth youth conference should not end without developing a mechanism to transform it into a national youth organisation that has definite targets, with a clear system, membership plan and agenda based on the outcome of the previous four conferences. Four cities hosted the last four conferences: Sharm Al-Sheikh, Ismailia, Cairo and Aswan. And the fifth is being held in Alexandria. We thus have five youth bases on which a most important youth organisation can be built.”
Hamdi Rizk, Al-Masry Al-Youm
“I can say now that youth conferences have moved the stagnant waters in the Egyptian streets and broken a lot of taboos that we used to observe including, for instance, debating the government's decisions or opening a dialogue with a minister through which a young person can point to mistakes committed and ways out. These conferences have also provided a podium for the young to practise politics after all the political parties failed to embrace them. Whoever follows these conferences will realise that it has become the greatest political pillar for the president and the state. It is the pillar that does not belong to one political current. It gathers all these currents into one thing: the love of the country and the will to work for its sake.”
Youssef Ayoub, Al-Youm Al-Sabei

Fatwa kiosks

Fatwa kiosks

“The religious institution has managed for the first time to stay ahead of extremist groups by its decision to establish fatwa kiosks in the underground stations. It is a brave and innovative idea. These kiosks are supposed to play a therapeutic as well as a social role [and save many] from falling prey to extremist or terrorist groups. On the social level, they will work to spread hope and peace among the people, showing that a person should not be violent or overemphatic in practising his religion.”
Karim Abdel-Salam, Al-Youm Al-Sabei

Al-Warraq islands

Managing crises

“The state has proved its repeated failure to manage crises. Perhaps its clearest failure is in dealing with Al-Warraq islands. The government could have collected all information about these islands and its inhabitants and accordingly drawn a comprehensive plan to deal with them. The government should have given the legal inhabitants alternative housing and declared a one-month deadline for their move out of the islands. It should have also given those who voluntarily leave the island financial compensation in addition to other incentives. A plan of that sort could have contributed to a peaceful evacuation and raised the people's satisfaction of the performance of the government.”
Emad Gad, Al-Watan


“In the eyes of our ruling class, it's not gas guzzling cars or cement factories or the destruction of our sea shores and sea life through unbridled construction of resorts that threaten our environment; it's the poor. Solution: throw the ‘eyesores’ out of sight and build even more resorts for the swanky rich.”
Hani Shukrallah

“I have been silently following the controversy about Fatwa kiosks for days. The question is not whether the move is good or bad. But the question is whether the problem is in the spread of wrong concepts about religion or the spread of religion in the wrong places, and I am not talking about underground stations in particular.”
Ziad Akl


Zaid Hamid @ZaidZamanHamid 
He was only praying...unarmed...shot at point blank by Israeli troops...This is Al-Aqsa today... Every blood will be avenged...Promise!!

eman qasim @EmanQasim  
An occupying force is NOT and will NEVER be in charge of #AlAqsa!!

Omar Suleiman @omarsuleiman504
The world continues to be silent over the repeated aggressions upon this holy place...

stefania_Palestine @stefaniafoddis1 
The Israeli occupation is not the owner of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Palestinians have the right to enter freely to pray in their mosque.

Satar @Satar_Gaza 
If you can't do anything for Palestine and Al-Aqsa mosque, just spread the word and let the world know what's going on there.

250 million pieces of bread every day

Egyptian Essence

250 million pieces of bread every day
“The Ministry of Supply decided to start a new system for producing subsidised bread as of the beginning of August to guarantee the production of 250 million pieces of baladi bread daily to feed 70 million citizens. The price of the piece will stay unchanged at five piastres while its actual cost is 60 piastres. The government will pay the difference."
Al Akhbar

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