Saturday,23 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1355, (3-9 August 2017)
Saturday,23 February, 2019
Issue 1355, (3-9 August 2017)

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Classics in Egypt: The unicorn

Back with a bang, Classics in Egypt introduces the rare BMW E30 Alpina B6 from Yehia Rashdan’s classic car collection. Mohamed Abdel-Razek tells the story.

Rashdan with his son Ali

It has been some time since Classics in Egypt presented a new story about a treasure hiding in the streets of Cairo but it was worth the wait. It was a bit much to expect finding a B6 in mint condition in Egypt. It may be expected that someone might have brought one from Germany decades ago but to remain in top condition or to find the delicate heart and hands to take care of it is the exception.

Yehia Rashdan is one of Egypt’s all-time car collectors, with an admirable taste for cars in general and classics in particular. Rashdan believes that cars should be admired and treated with care through the years. It was this thinking that drove Rashdan to search for rare and valuable classic cars in Egypt and start giving them the treatment they deserve, bringing them back to showroom condition.

“Cars are born like noble human beings, and with the years counting, some are taken care of and some are not. But at the end, their valuable core still exists but with some dust and grease on them awaiting for the right hands to polish them off,” Rashdan said.

BMW E30 Alpina B6

As a child Rashdan used to play with his bike in front of his parents’ house, and out of all the cars parked on the street, the shape of the E30 caught his heart and never let go. When he grew up and started his hobby in classic cars, the E30 was on top of his collection list but he wanted something more special. What about an M3 or an Alpina to make the job more exciting? Rashdan started asking his friends to help him find an E30, a rare breed. Luckily he didn’t have to wait long. A friend, Haitham Samir, found him an Alpina that had been parked on axle stands for a couple of years.

Rashdan didn’t think twice, despite knowing that it would be a tough job to bring this Alpina back to life with all the mystery her body hid. “I got the car and the journey started.”

BMW E30 Alpina B6

Rashdan was keen to do it the right way even if it took forever. He kept searching for the Alpina decals everywhere in the world to find those made of gold.

Seeing the car in person really shows all the effort spent in every detail starting with the paint job till you step inside the car. A neat OEM look and feel in every inch makes you appreciate the effort with your eyes as you rush to shake the hands of the owner who made it happen.

BMW E30 Alpina B6

BMW E30 Alpina B6

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