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Current issue | Issue 1355, (3-9 August 2017)
Friday,22 February, 2019
Issue 1355, (3-9 August 2017)

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Beach-friendly snacks

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Beach-friendly snacks

Summer is in full swing, and this means many people are spending as much time as they can on the beach, swimming, playing and basking in the sun. But the sea’s waves and fresh salty breeze can really work up an appetite and make it very tempting to crave beach junk food, such as French fries and frozen treats and other unhealthy eating options synonymous with the fun summer days.

And though the junk food won’t kill you, it probably won’t leave you feeling your best either. You’ve worked hard to get your swimsuit ready, so don’t give up your healthy eating aspirations. Here are some healthy beach snack ideas that will silence the call of the snack bar and give you plenty of energy to enjoy your day and keep you looking good in your swimsuit.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit:
Nothing feels more summery than fresh fruit. Bring seasonal whole fresh fruit like strawberries, green or red grapes, peaches, plums and apples to the beach. Don’t forget bananas. Fresh fruit makes a delicious, healthy and refreshing snack that is perfect for the beach.


It’s a great alternative to French fries, and instead of buying the greasy stuff made with low-quality oil and too much salt, make it at home with better ingredients and bag it up for the beach.

Dried fruit and nuts

Dried fruit and nuts:
You can make your own mix by combining dried fruit and nuts such as peanuts, cashews and raw almonds that provide protein and antioxidants and plenty of natural energy for your day on the beach.

Salted nuts

Salted nuts:
Love to crunch and munch? Instead of crisps, bring some salty roasted nuts with you to the beach. They’re a good snack choice, as they provide healthy fats and protein, and the salted varieties contain sodium which may be lost during sweating.

Raw veggies

Raw veggies:
These make wonderful beach snacks. Stash sliced cucumbers, carrots and bell pepper strips in a plastic bag along with some ice that will help to keep them cool by the time you’re ready to munch. You can pack your veggies with a lemon slice or toss in some lemon juice to keep them extra crisp and fresh. Not only do veggies provide essential vitamins and minerals, many are a good source of water for your day of fun in the sun. Also bring some hummus, chickpeas or lupines for an added protein and flavour boost.


Choose whole grain or seed-filled crackers for more nutrients and fibre. Enjoy with a beverage since crackers can be quite drying.


They’re wonderful beach lunch additions. Pack whole-wheat bread with peanut butter and banana or sliced turkey and cheddar cheese.


And finally, it’s very important to hydrate when you’re out in the sun. Drink plenty of water, and try adding some lemon, orange or cucumber slices. You can also add mint leaves, ginger or cinnamon sticks to the water for added flavour and zest.

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