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Current issue | Issue 1355, (3-9 August 2017)
Monday,23 July, 2018
Issue 1355, (3-9 August 2017)

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The first delegation of pilgrims will leave next week to Al-Madina and later to Mecca to perform the holy pilgrimage or Hajj, according to General Amr Lotfi, the executive director of Al-Hajj Delegation. The last delegation will leave on the 25 August. Hajj will start on 31 August.

Mohamed Khan

Mohamed Khan: a unique skill

This week marks a year since the death of the celebrated filmmaker Mohamed Khan.

Khan, who died at the age of 73, directed a string of popular movies tackling social issues and often centred around a female protagonist.

Khan was born in Cairo in 1942 to an Egyptian-Italian mother and a Pakistani father. He studied in Britain and worked as an assistant director in Lebanon before returning to Egypt.

He later moved again in England, where he wrote his book, An Introduction to the Egyptian Cinema, published in 1969. He edited another book, Outline of Czechoslovakian Cinema, in 1971.

Khan directed 24 films starring the country’s leading actors including The Artful (1983, screened at the 13th Moscow International Film Festival), The Wife of an Important Man (1987) and Dreams of Hind and Camilia (1988) – all of which were named among the 100 Greatest Arab Films of All Time by the Dubai International Film Festival.

His most recent awards include best director for his movie Factory Girl at the Cairo National Festival of Egyptian Film in 2014 and the FIPRESCI prize for Best Arab Feature for the same film at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2013. The movie was also Egypt's submission for the best foreign-language film Oscar in 2014.

Khan's last film Before the Summer Crowds was released in Egypt in April 2016.

“The clearest lesson to be learned from the current Al-Aqsa scene is the role of the people in resolving problems. We saw denunciations from various Arab rulers and officials. However, Israeli compliance can only be ascribed to the number of people in Jerusalem who stood up to the Israelis in a way that could have caused a catastrophe had they not dealt with it sensibly. Peoples are always more capable than governments of facing occupation.”

Mahmoud Khalil, Al-Watan

Amr Selim, Al-Masry Al-Youm

Heart clinic

Squash team won the world cup for the sixth time.

"Don't read any news about the Zamalek football team. Just read the news about our squash team."


A strong stand

“The important meeting held in Manama this week indicates that Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE will not change their stand on Qatar unless it meets their demands. Egypt clearly declared that it will not forgive those who shed the blood of Egyptian citizens as a result of terrorist operations supported by Qatar. The crisis will not ease until Qatar cuts all ties with terrorism.”


“The campaign against Qatar has entered a new phase, when the boycott states replaced their 13 demands with the six more concise and practical principles. The principles clearly pointed out that the boycott states regard 'keeping the pressure on Doha' as a victory. They aim to force Doha to change its belligerent policies so that it can no longer confuse others or affect their security. In this respect, we can regard the campaign against Qatar as a success especially since its ability to undermine security in the region has greatly subsided.”

Yasser Abdel Aziz, Al-Masry Al-Youm

Remarks on the youth conference

Remarks on the youth conference

“I have a few remarks on youth conference. First, unlike other activities that start with enthusiasm which later fades out, youth conferences have shown a rising enthusiasm that aims to draw a working plan to move from governorate to another. Secondly, officials use simple language, a fact that indicates that these conferences provide them with a quiet place to deliver their thoughts to the young. Thirdly, they include the participation of skilled experts like Sherif Delawer who attended last week’s conference and focused on the technological, industrial and agricultural revolution that the world will see in 2030.” 

Salah Montasser, Al-Ahram

Two challenges

Two challenges

“It is no secret that the uncontrolled rise in population that has exhausted Egypt’s resources presents a real danger to development as well as economic and social stability. That increase can be ascribed to illiteracy and the absence of awareness. As for terrorism, it has become clear that its aim is to halt the progress of the state and preserve its backwardness. Resolving these two issues will open the door to achieving our hopes and ambitions in development and progress.”

Galal Dweidar, Al-Akhbar


“A question for anyone who can answer it: was there a power cut during the visit of the Russian team that checked security procedures at Cairo Airport?”

Nour Farahat 

“Most probably, the airport temporarily adjusts its security measures at the time of visits by any delegation checking these measures. Generally speaking, security at Cairo Airport is far better than at other airports. Still, there are numerous defects there.”

Inass Shaltout


Abdulla Alishaq @aBodizeR  

Foreign Minister of Qatar: Meeting #Manama has added contradictions to previous contradictions of the countries of blockade.#Qatar Blockade

Abdulaziz M. Alhendi @azizalhinde  

Manama meeting stresses dialogue with Qatar if Doha sincerely met relevant demands.

Zafar Mehdi @mehdizafar  

Iraq PM visited Saudi in June. Saudi FM visited Iraq in Feb. This is happening after decades of tension. Sadr is merely following the script.

Avi Melamed @AviMelamed  

Significant punch to #Iran. Influential #Iraqi #Sh'iite leader #Muqtada-Al-Sadr visits #SaudiArabia.

Champions for the 6th time

Egyptian Essence: Champions for the 6th time

“The news about our national team winning the squash championship for the sixth time should not go unnoticed especially given the fact that it comes hand in hand with other victories in the same sport during the last 10 years. We should learn from our experience in squash, gaining lessons that will benefit other sports unions and the state bodies in order to work according to a well studied scientific system aiming to spread the culture of success in other fields."

Al-Youm Al-Sabei

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