Tuesday,20 February, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1356, (10 - 16 August 2017)
Tuesday,20 February, 2018
Issue 1356, (10 - 16 August 2017)

Ahram Weekly


Al-Ahram Weekly

Joint air exercise

YARMOUK 3, a joint military exercise involving the Egyptian and Kuwaiti Air Forces, provides training in offensive and defensive aerial sorties against live targets and aerial reconnaissance missions against hostile targets.

Taking place for several days in Egypt, the training encompasses theoretical and practical inputs, with activities designed to hone participants’ skills and maximise cooperation in managing joint aerial manoeuvres.

Two died in a terrorist attack

A POLICEMAN and a civilian were killed last week when gunmen in a vehicle opened fire at a security checkpoint in the governorate of Luxor. The attack started when police personnel manning the checkpoint, located near Esna, attempted to stop a passing car. Shots were then fired from within the car.

Security forces arrested one of the assailants and found weapons and explosives in his possession, according to the source who spoke on condition of anonymity. Three civilians who happened to be in the area when the attack took place were also injured. Egypt is battling militant groups who often target police and army personnel. Although concentrated in northern Sinai, attacks in the mainland are regular occurrences.

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