Thursday,20 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1357, (17 - 23 August 2017)
Thursday,20 September, 2018
Issue 1357, (17 - 23 August 2017)

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Aerial manoeuvres

Ahmed Eleiba on the latest Egyptian-Kuwaiti military manoeuvres


Aerial manoeuvres
Aerial manoeuvres

Yarmouk 3 rounded off several days of joint Egyptian-Kuwaiti military manoeuvres in Egypt last weekend. The main stages of training, overseen by Commander of the Egyptian Air Force General Younis Al-Masry and Commander of the Kuwaiti Air Force Abdallah Al-Foudri, bolstered the levels of cooperation and coordination between the air forces of both sides.

The joint aerial operations against hostile targets were designed to promote the transfer and exchange of expertise. Al-Masry and Al-Foudri inspected participant forces from both sides and listened to presentation explaining the planning of the training exercises. Both commanders praised the excellent performance of the pilots and crews as they carried out their assigned tasks.

The first stage of training focussed on unifying combat concepts and exchanging training expertise. Reconnaissance and identification missions were undertaken alongside offensive and defensive sorties involving live targets and employing a variety of aerial combat techniques. Participants also received training in how to intercept hostile aerial assaults using joint command and control centres and early warning aircraft, honing their skills and the speed of their reactions.

Al-Masry underscored the importance of staging joint training exercises with friendly nations. Such activities contribute to the exchange of expertise making it possible to attain the highest degree of preparedness and combat efficacy, he said. He congratulated the commander of the Kuwaiti Air Force and all participants on their exemplary conduct of the exercises.

Al-Foudri said he was proud to cooperate and coordinate with the Egyptian Air Force and thanked Al-Masry for doing everything possible to ensure the success of the manoeuvres. He praised the efficacy and combat readiness of the participants and said greater number of forces would be involved in future Yarmouk manoeuvres.

The closing event of the manoeuvres was attended by senior officers. The Yarmouk 3 exercises began on 6 August and lasted for a week.

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