Thursday,21 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1361, (21 - 27 September 2017)
Thursday,21 February, 2019
Issue 1361, (21 - 27 September 2017)

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Fortune out of nature

Egyptians should start thinking of ways to make big money out of electric cars, reports Mohamed Abdel-Razek

Public parking lot with solar panels
Public parking lot with solar panels

It’s not far away, the day when electric cars will be everywhere around us. So why not start preparing? There’s a lot to be done before that day arrives, and as Egyptians, the sooner the better, for many reasons.

God blessed Egypt with many natural resources, including gas and oil, although some might say that in the decades ahead the world will be relying mostly on electric cars while internal combustion will become extinct. But solar is one of the easiest sources of energy to pick off the tree.

The good news is that not only will the government benefit from free solar energy but many Egyptians can invest in saving it.

With nearly eight months of bright sunlight, Egypt is in a better position on Earth than many European countries that have limited access to sunlight throughout the year. So, will Europe be able to withstand the increasing demand on electricity in the coming years? In France and the UK, by 2040, plug in hybrid and fully electric cars will be the only legal vehicles on the road and with less taxes. Also, most of the big manufacturers will start concentrating on hybrids and electric cars to serve the needs of the majority.

And with Europe turning all its energy projects towards clean green energy, it will definitely need to import electricity to support increasing needs. So why doesn’t Egypt start turning its investments towards mass generating electricity in its vast deserts via solar energy panels and start encouraging companies and individuals to import electric and hybrid cars?

The move should start from the government; suitable infrastructure for such a project should be available first. Charging stations, at least across Cairo’s parking lots, and garages that work as solar charging hubs, are ideas that will provide cheap charging services for parked cars via solar panels attached to the rooftop of garages. Imagine having a fuel station at home with free fuel forever. It’s possible. With solar panels in your home, you can charge your car at night without paying a penny over the price of the system.

Imagine, if this strategy was applied, how much foreign currency Egypt would save from cutting down on oil imports, and how foreign currency will gain out of exporting electricity. Imagine how much money you will save each month from cutting down what you used to pay to fuel your car.

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