Tuesday,19 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1363, (5 - 11 October 2017)
Tuesday,19 February, 2019
Issue 1363, (5 - 11 October 2017)

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Egyptian  parliament
Egyptian parliament

The start of parliament’s legislative session and the Palestinian reconciliation were the two main items of news that were covered extensively in this week’s Egyptian press.

The private daily Al-Masry Al-Yom quoted Prime Minister Sherif Ismail as saying to parliament, “No cabinet reshuffle at present“ on its front page on Tuesday, while the private daily Al-Youm Al-Sabei quoted him as saying, “The coming phase is dangerous and important and it requires more work.”

The editorial of the daily Al-Ahram indicated that parliament has started a new legislative session amid the high hopes of Egyptians that it would pass various important laws. However, that requires strong cooperation between the government and parliament .

The editorial also pointed out that parliament has achieved many of its aims in the last two legislative sessions, but it still has various tasks ahead of it that require patience. Then the citizen will be able to feel the impacts of the passed laws.

But Al-Masry Al-Youm columnist Mohamed Amin wrote that we haven’t noticed parliament’s absence because we hadn’t felt its presence, since it performs no true representative function: “The people have faced pressing problems, but parliament never interfered to resolve them. It left the people in direct confrontation with the government. It did not interfere in price hikes or school fees. The same applies to other pressing files like electricity and natural gas bills and finally mobile phone charging cards! We have not seen any enquiries in rgis parliament. So why not dissolve it and save its budget?”

The move towards reconciliation between the mainstream Fatah party and Hamas on Monday was another issue that captured the media’s attention. The independent daily Al-Watan quoted the head of Hamas Political Bureau addressing Egyptians, “Your security is our security. We wish you all the best.” Al-Masry Al-Yom read, “Thousands welcomed the national unity government in Gaza” and Al-Yom Al-Sabei wrote, “Egypt’s flags and Al-Sisi’s pictures are hoisted all over Gaza.”

News of the Egyptian population reaching 104 million was met by shock and concern about ways to confront that noticeable rise in population. But columnist Emad Eddin Adeeb regarded the disclosure as an important step on the way to economic reform. Any attempt to resolve problems without an accurate database will definitely fail. One cannot rationalise subsidised goods and ensure that they are reaching those who deserve them without a correct database. Nor can the state establish a network for widows, elderly citizens and poor families except via accurate data.

Figures in the news: 42.97 housing units in Egypt

The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) found that there are 42.97 million housing units in Egypt. 1.16 million are closed because their inhabitants are abroad and 2.89 million are uninhabited because the owners live elsewhere.

Egypt population

Egypt population reached 104 million

“It has become very crowded in our country.”

By Anwar, Al-Masry Al-Youm

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