Thursday,26 April, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1366, (26 October - 1 November 2017)
Thursday,26 April, 2018
Issue 1366, (26 October - 1 November 2017)

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Sterling silver season

 Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to sweep the crowds off their boots with his silver gowns, shimmering from top to toe. Long silver jacket, short silver skirt, high silver boots, glittering silver hose, silver shadow on brow bones and silver Chanel bag off the shoulder, left the viewers starry-eyed and breathless.

This season’s fashion offers 50 shades of blue, from sedate grey to silvery moonlight, from striking turquoise to sober navy blue. 

There are choices to suit every pocket-book without breaking the bank.

Against a backdrop of the present political climate of insecurity, designers felt trapped between hope and despair. By sliding back to happier days of the 1980s and looking forward towards a better future, they offered us a bold palette that is likely to please everyone.

Even with dark clouds covering the sky, a ray of sunshine in our outfits can perform miracles.

Pale blue, grey and silver dominated some runways, but if the look is too cool and bland there is lots of glitter to go for.

The couture house of late British designer Alexander McQueen, introduced the duvet coat which tickled the imagination of several designers at Chanel, Mulberry and Coach.

 Wrap yourself up in your duvet or blanket and off you go. Well, not really, but it certainly looks like it on the runways and any padded material in a squared shape and a button can perform just as well. 

If you prefer your reliable old coat, add a belt to it, even if it’s frumpy. Belts are a big item this season. Wear them thin or large on day dresses or evening wear.

Checks and tartans are winter favourites and for the few of us who still hang on to old classics it is a joy to see them back in new shapes and colours. Burberry traditionally translates into beautifully made coats, but this season they have added the Burberry cape that is seen on morning and evening wear, even on long velvet dresses.

Speaking of velvet is there anything more romantic. This is the season for velvet and more velvet, back from last year with a big bang. Soft and warm it is a great winter item, that hugs the body in a spectacular manner. Max Mara presents sumptuous velvet trousers in all types of velvet and Giorgio Armani’s velvet costumes are this season’s specialty. No wonder royalty always goes for velvet.

Second to velvet is corduroy, which makes a very big comeback this season. We have not seen it since 2000, but it is back, it is durable, affordable and it comes in coats, jackets, pants, matching sets, and the capes seem to be a must this season.

Florals in winter? Indeed, and in every fabric, even velvet. Somehow it does not sit well with classicists but that is what Fashion dictates for now. Like a hungry monster it digests its creations in the blink of an eye, looking for the next best thing.

 The new romanticism of the 80s styles were all over the runways in all the fashion capitals, Paris, London, Milan and New York, Draperies, padded shoulders (which we all got rid of), lurex, sequins in morning and evening wear, velvet naturally, are all part of the 1980s modern day fashion.

Will you wear palazzo pants again? They are quite the item as well as printed sweatshirts seen at Versace’s sports collection at Versus.

Victoria Beckham stuck with the Masculine style, always feminine and sophisticated, so is the military style which refuses to go away.

Seriously speaking, if you have not a grey suit, make it the only new item this season. Once upon a time, it seemed daring, but the grey suit is now considered ideal. It took Yves Saint Laurent’s touch to make it indispensable. Not only is it a high-fashion garment, whether with pants or skirt, this elegant item gives you a touch of class, a sense of equality in business, dinners or wherever elegance is required.

The colour palette is not restricted to 50 shades of blue. It includes as many shades of orange, two colours from opposite ends, favourites of the fashion industry. The combination is surprisingly appealing, original and eye-catching. 

However if red is your preference, go ahead and wear it from top to toe… that is the main condition. It is an unusually bold monochromatic look that received howls on the catwalk… but other than model Gigi Hadid & Co… who would dare? 

Black has to raise its head in pride at any fashion show and it regularly does. The V necklines are as deep as you like and the red lipstick as strong as you dare, whether in overalls or sparkling silver ball gowns.

If basic classics, sporty styles and denim, denim, denim, your style, go no further than the Calvin Klein collection.

The biggest fashion trend affordable to all of us is the T-shirt — with a twist. Plastered all over are slogans, reflecting the political issues of the world today. It is as though fashion too has a voice that wishes to be heard: “I am an immigrant” is one, “the future is female” is another.

Fashion almost offers everything, from the past and the future. There will always be something in your wardrobe to adapt to the season’s dictates, but if adding something new will cheer you up, those T-shirts look pretty young and fresh.

What more could you ask for?

No one in this world needs a mink coat, but a mink.” 


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