Wednesday,26 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1366, (26 October - 1 November 2017)
Wednesday,26 September, 2018
Issue 1366, (26 October - 1 November 2017)

Ahram Weekly

Sahar Al-Amir's psychological games

Sahar Al-Amir
Sahar Al-Amir's psychological games at UBUNTU gallery

Art Mart

Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Abu Rawash, 6th of October, Egypt, Cairo, 0100 0773860
“Klay Kassem: His Ethereal World,” the gallery’s first exhibition dedicated to the work of Klay Kassem (20 October-11 November).   

Cairo Opera Complex
Gezira Exhibition Grounds, Zamalek, Tel 02 2739 0132/0144
Music Library (Ziad Bakir) gallery
Oil paintings by Wafaa Mohamed (closing 29 October).
Palace of Arts
“Wings of Mexico,” two wings of bronze created by Mexico's world-renowned contemporary artist Jorge Marin placed upon an iron frame, above three steps of concrete, two isolated wings, that seemingly stand in thin air; then, someone climbs the steps, stands in front of them and, for that moment, it all makes sense. The sculpture is placed in front of the entrance of the Palace of Arts building through 31 October.
Ceramic and Traditional Handicrafts Centre
1 Al-Imam St, behind Amr bin Al-Aas Mosque, Al-Fustat, Old Cairo, Tel 02 2364 3103
A permanent exhibition of the centre’s ceramic, brass, jewellery and khayameya products.

Contemporary Image Collective (CIC)
22 Abdel Khalek Tharwat St, 4th Floor, Downtown, Cairo, Tel 02 2396 4272
“I Will Defend Myself,” a photography exhibition by Nadia Mounir (closing 26 October).

Al-Ghouri Caravansary
Imam Mohamed Abdou St, off Al-Muaaz St with Al-Azhar, Tel 02 2514 7475
Permanent exhibition of the handicraft centre’s products, including pottery, brass artworks and jewellery.

Al Kahila
15 Al Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz St, Mohandiseen, Tel 02 3304 0791/ 0122 8647511
“Gatherings,” paintings by Mohamed Damarawy (13-23 November).  

Mahmoud Mokhtar Culture Centre
5 Tahrir St, beside Cairo Sporting Club, Tel 02 2735 1123
Isis & Nahdat Misr Halls
The 10th annual Traditional Crafts Festival offers an art exhibition by 22 artists from Al-Ghouri Caravansary ateliers showing miscellaneous artworks inspired by the Egyptian heritage varying between wood artworks, traditional costumes, leather bags, accessories, glassware. In addition to a fashion show displaying around 20 pieces inspired by Sinai folkloric heritage, directed by Adel Barakat.  
(29 October-2 November). 
8 Champollion St, Downtown, Tel 02 2578 4494/ 0100 1704554
Mashrabia Gallery is offering at its new art space, Mashrabia Annex (15 Mahmoud Bassiony St, Cairo), more than 300 works by around 40 artists who have made the history of the contemporary art movement in Egypt. If you are an art lover looking for a good deal in original artwork, paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphics and photographs will be sold at prices in place before the floating of the dollar (21 October-4 November, every day from 11am to 8pm).

MASQ (Maqaad of Sultan Qaitbey)
“Italian Reflections,” the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo has supported an artistic residency in Egypt of four distinguished Italian artists. The programme, which on the ‘City of the Dead’ in Cairo, has been organised in cooperation with ARCHiNOS Architecture. The works that the Italian artists created in the Sultan Qaitbey area of the Desert of the Mamluks, are on show at the MASQ (Maqaad of Sultan Qaitbey), a place for art and culture in the Qaitbey neighbourhood. The exhibition that presents the diverse results of the artists’ interaction with Egyptian people, nature, history, during their residency in Cairo and showing how the vibrant, ebullient and constantly changing city is reflected in their art.
(The exhibition is opened daily from 10am-6pm through 31 October).

4A Ibn Zankai St, from Hassan Sabri, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 0604
A retrospective exhibition for late artist Gamil Shafik (15 October-12 November).

30 Hassan Assem off Brazil St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 7544
“Borollos Inspiration,” paintings by Ibrahim Ghazala (21 October-5 November).
“As If...,” paintings by Wagih Yassa (21 October-5 November).
“The World of Saad,” an exhibition organized by Picasso Art Gallery at Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel featuring a display of paintings by the fine artist Sayed Saad El-Deen (16 October- 7 November).
Picasso East
Villa No 39 Al Narges 35th settlement, 90's St, in front of Lake View Compound, Tel 0122 0000035  
“Colour X Colour,” a group exhibition features Nour Al-Saadi, Taher Al-Sheikh, Berry Habashi and Azza Refaat (21 October-21 November).

El Sawy Culturewheel
End of 26th of July St, under the 15th of May Bridge, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448
Word Hall
“Fall and Winter,” a miscellaneous exhibition showcases Oil paintings, graphics, sculpture, photography and drawing (1-9 November).
10 Nabarawy St, off Champollion St, Downtown. Tel 02 2576 8086
Factory Space
“In The Anticipation of a Future Need to Know,” is a four-part video installation in which artist Ash Moniz recasts the performative rituals involved in the production of official documents and physical records (closing 1 November).

20 Hassan Sabry St, (entrance from Ibn Zinki St), Zamalek, Tel 0100 2792223
“Psychological Games,” paintings by Sahar Al-Amir. She presents her new collection, often depicting popular toys and childhood characters stylistically integrated within her paintings (closing 28 October).

1st Settlement, New Cairo, Tel 02 2737 6753/0100 2792223
Paintings by Muaataz Al-Imam and Eman Hussein (23 October-30 November).

Zamalek Art gallery
11 Brazil St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 1240
Venue I
“The Spirit of Love,” paintings by George Fikry (15 October-6 November).    
Venue II
“Bougainvillea,” paintings by Emad Ibrahim (15 October-6 November).    

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