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Current issue | Issue 1368, (9 - 15 November 2017)
Thursday,25 April, 2019
Issue 1368, (9 - 15 November 2017)

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Out of the attic

Donna Brazile
Donna Brazile

Truth lives, but barely. It is a wretched life —stifled, hidden, thwarted, muffled and muzzled, buried or locked away in an old attic never to be seen. Still, by its very existence, it fights back. It knows it needs to survive so humanity can survive. Its strong light blinds all the dirty lies and rumours.

Tattered and torn, it arrives limping along on the arm of time.

Truth is a child of time. It is tough. Often eclipsed but never extinguished.

It finally found its way from under the sea in a newly published book by former chairman of the Democratic Party, Donna Brazile. It may have brought down a kingdom or ended an era. That still remains to be seen but a new war has been waged between lies and truths, and good men shall never stop their pursuit of the truth.

 Liars are everywhere, but none can compare to Hillary Clinton. 

For years upon years, everyone knew she lied, misled, deceived, with such panache. Democrats wanted to believe, and forgot the catastrophes of her less than illustrious past. 

We shall never forget how she tried to sacrifice the great nation of Egypt to the wicked rule of the Monstrous Brotherhood. She really thought she ruled the Earth.

Providence is always on the side of the strongest battalions, and the Clintons owned them. 

They gradually became “the Untouchables”.

It is baffling to think they lacked the wisdom to stop at a given point, but evil must be chronic, even progressive. They took to it with unrivalled acumen.

The past is witness to the present and the past finally caught up with Hillary.

Hillary was admirable in many ways, but one wonders if there is a devil within that drives her to fight, achieve, succeed, manipulate, lie, destroy and even kill, in order to reach her goal. Why such a mature Machiavellian mind one cannot dismiss rumours of murder such as that of White House aide, Vince Foster? Is the lust for power genetic or learned? 

Hillary Diane Rodham, a child of the suburbs of Chicago, had one quest: power. It started early in life and grew exponentially with the years.

A plump, short-sighted, studious girl, she excelled at school, attended Wellesley College and earned a Juris D from Yale, where she met her future husband Bill Clinton. The lust for power was what they had in common.

 After graduation Bill went back to his home state of Arkansas, and started his first steps to the presidency. Hillary was assigned as legal councillor in Washington DC on the impeachment committee of Richard Nixon. So keen was she to condemn him she committed an act so unethical, she was fired; she removed court documents to her apartment. Her boss professor Zelden told her she should have been disbarred.

She packed up and went to Arkansas to marry Bill. It was a marriage made in hell. He, a womaniser, she a power-hungry heatless, ambitious creature. 

Scandals started to leak when Bill was governor of the Arkansas and Hillary was on the loose. One example is her investment of $1,000 in a cattle deal, cashing in $100,000 in 10 months. Power was sweet and so was money. Together, deadly. 

Bill won the presidency by defeating George Bush Sr, and Hillary became first lady of the land. With every step scandal followed. They both knew how to talk their way out and their list of sins grew longer.

At terms’ end she somehow established residence in New York and through the same methods won as state senator. She whole-heartedly voted for the war against Iraq and what a shame that was. But she was not done yet. The Arab Spring came and she proceeded to ruin most of the Arab countries.

One Barack Obama stole her first run for president. Where did he come from? Do they not wish for the first woman president, she asked regularly on the campaign. No, they preferred the first black president. How? She was a Clinton. Clintons were a head above the rest. She hated him, he hated her. What is she to do now?

The surprise came when Obama asked her to be his secretary of state. Would she accept? She did and suddenly the portals of Heaven opened. Heads of state poured in money into her charity fund, (wink wink) gifts, trips, money for a word, money for a favour, more money for a meeting, sale of uranium to supposedly the enemy, Russia. How did she do it yet still be denying any wrongdoing under oath? She is either Lady Macbeth or Dr Faust or both.

Bill Clinton’s speaking fee doubled, she was invincible. Why not a private phone server, why not this and that?

Time to run for president again. This time she will make sure she will not lose.

The Democratic Party was bankrupt, it needed money. In a secret deal Hillary paid on condition she runs everything.

 Brazile smelled a rat. She needed proof. It is rough looking for the truth, but she finally did.

Poor Bernie he could never win. The Democratic Party had sold its soul to the devil. The proof is in the Brazile Book.

Did Hillary win?

Truth robbed her of the world’s trust. 

Bernie Sanders, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Arabs, the Egyptians are hoping we shall never hear of her again, or is that simply wishful thinking?

“Rather than love than money than fame, give me truth.”

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) 

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