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Current issue | Issue 1368, (9 - 15 November 2017)
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Issue 1368, (9 - 15 November 2017)

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Conveying messages of peace

Nora Koloyan-Keuhnelian looks into the messages conveyed through songs and symbols at the World Youth Forum

Conveying messages of peace
Conveying messages of peace

Played before the opening of the World Youth Forum, Algerian singer Cheb Khaled’s song “Youth of the World” was a huge hit on YouTube — 131,000 views — until the newspaper went to press. Specifically written for the forum taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh, lyrics of the song were created by Egyptian poet Khaled Tageddin while the music was composed by Amr Mustafa. The song reflects the many messages the forum is expecting to convey to the world.

With happy, rhythmic words both in French and Arabic, Khaled invited youngsters of the world to meet their goals and achieve their dreams.

“Come to my peaceful land where loved ones are gathered tonight on the good and love…”

The video clip features youth from around the world bearing slogans like “All for peace; All for development; All for creativity”. 

Khaled, 57, who started his singing and producing career of rai songs in 1984, is one of the most internationally known singers from the Arab world, a fact that stood behind his being chosen to perform the forum’s official song.

“I dream of a World”, another song that went viral on social media, was performed live at the forum’s inauguration ceremony. The video clip of the song featured young performers from Egypt, Algeria, Greece, Italy, Russia, Kuwait, Brazil, Korea, India and Kenya singing at their countries’ best known landmarks spreading a remarkable feeling of peace and unity to the viewer and the listener.

The lyrics go, “I dream of a world where no one hates or holds a grudge, I dream of a world where the sun shines and lights up everyone’s heart…” The scenes from Egypt were cast in Luxor and performed by rising Egyptian star Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, 21, and X-Factor star Malak Al-Husseini, 29. The lyrics were created by Amir Teima and the music composed by Ihab Abdel-Wahed.

Also at the opening ceremony, a scene from Verdi’s Opera Aida, “The Triumphal March” was performed by the Cairo Opera Ballet Company and Choir, conducted by Maestro Nayer Nagi. “This was done upon the request of the presidency, and that we have 25 minutes to perform on stage. It is also the first time that we performed the “Temple” scene together with the Triumphal March,” Nagui told Al-Ahram Weekly.

According to Nagi, those scenes are the most powerful in Aida; they are its climax. “Artistically it’s the best we have presented on such festive occasions attended by foreigners invited from all over the world.” 

The forum’s slogan “All for peace, development and creativity” also has an especially designed logo which reflects the many messages the forum is meant to convey. The triangle placed in a square-shape box symbolises the Giza Pyramids that reflect Egypt, the host, the cradle of civilisation. The box symbolises the world map, a meeting point of nations and cultures on one land, while the circle in the middle of the logo symbolises the youth of the world as being the heart of it and its future leaders.

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