Friday,14 December, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1369, (16-22 November 2017)
Friday,14 December, 2018
Issue 1369, (16-22 November 2017)

Ahram Weekly

The 28th Youth Salon

 Nancy Nagy
Nancy Nagy's painting at the 28th Youth Salon

Amir Taz Palace

27 Al-Syoufiya St, off Al-Salebiya St, Al-Khalifa district, Tel 02 2514 2581
“The Land of Turquoise,” a miscellaneous group exhibition, the product of the third art competition on Sinai and the victories of the 1973 October War (opening 16 November).   

The American University in Cairo
New Cairo Campus, Abdul Latif Jameel Hall, Plaza Level, Tel 02 2615 3318
The Photographic Gallery
“Studio Armand: The Art of Wedding Portraiture,” a photographic exhibition by Armand Arzrouni. Arzrouni is a Swiss-Armenian photographer who worked in his father’s photography studio Downtown Cairo between 1961-2007. His first portrait was of King Farouk’s sister, Princess Faika, and her family. Both father and son specialized in portrait photography, carving a lucrative niche market photographing wedding portraits, which became highly sought after by the Egyptian middle and upper classes (15 November- 20 December).

Cairo Opera Complex
Gezira Exhibition Grounds, Zamalek, Tel 02 2739 0132/0144
Salah Taher gallery
Tel 02 2739 0132/0144
Oil paintings by Ayman Salah Taher (closing 16 November).
Music Library (Ziad Bakir) gallery
Oil paintings by American artist (closing 16 November).
Drawings by artist Samir Zaza from Syria (21-29 November).  
Palace of Arts
The 28th Youth Salon (8 November-8 December).

Ceramic and Traditional Handicrafts Centre
1 Al-Imam St, behind Amr bin Al-Aas Mosque, Al-Fustat, Old Cairo, Tel 02 2364 3103
A permanent exhibition of the centre’s ceramic, brass, jewellery and khayameya products.

Darb 1718
Kasr El Sham3 Street, Al Fakhareen, Old Cairo, near Mar Girgis Metro Station, Tel 02 2361 0511
“CAIROGRAPHIE,” the first annual festival of photography and video. It celebrates both photography and video through bringing together all career stages; emerging, mid-career and established artists as well as photographers, to raise awareness of contemporary topics through different forms of photography and video. The festival creates opportunities for artistic expression and engagement between participants and attendees.
It is designed by Darb 1718 contemporary art and culture centre and “Photopia” photography school. The festival is composed of a main art exhibition alongside a rich artistic programme of workshops and talks, organized by both Darb 1718 and Photopia. CAIROGRAPHIE is planned to adopt a different core theme every year. This year’s theme is “Transitions” developed by Karim Al-Hayawan, photographer and interior architect (5 November through the end of December).

Gezira Arts Centre
1 Al-Sheikh Al-Marsafi St, Zamalek, Tel 2737 3298/96
“Beautiful Handicrafts of Tohoku-Japan,” a travelling exhibition of ceramics, textiles, metalwork, wood and bamboo crafts, organized by the Japan Foundation Cairo Office (9-28 November).

Al-Ghouri Caravansary
Imam Mohamed Abdou St, off Al-Muaaz St with Al-Azhar, Tel 02 2514 7475
Permanent exhibition of the handicraft centre’s products, including pottery, brass artworks and jewellery.

6 Al-Gumhouriya St, Abdin, Tel 02 2391 6769
“Steps,” a duo exhibition of paintings by Khaled Elhalaby and Nagat Farouk
(12 November-2 December).

Italian Cultural Institute
3 El-Sheikh El Marsafy St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 5423/2735 8791
Exhibition of educational panels on eco-sustainable architecture by professor Marco Sala at Florence University and professor Mohsen Abul-Naga at Cairo University (For visits: Sunday to Thursday, from 9am to 4pm – lobby of the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo) (closing 30 November).   
“Giovanni Battista Belzoni and Abu Simbel,” an exhibition marks the 200 years since the discovery of Abu Simbel and the discovery of the tomb of Sethi 1 by Giovanni Battista Belzoni, curated by Dr. Francis Amin. Rare prints and important documentation on the great Italian explorer, his discoveries and his time are all on display. In addition, is presented the documentation on rescue of Abu Simbel temples and on the Italian contribution to this enterprise (closing 7 December).   

Al Kahila
15 Al Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz St, Mohandiseen, Tel 02 3304 0791/ 0122 8647511
“Gatherings,” paintings by Mohamed Damarawy (13-23 November).  

Mahmoud Mokhtar Culture Centre
5 Tahrir St, beside Cairo Sporting Club, Tel 02 2735 1123
Isis &Nahdat Misr Halls
The 9th Nile Salon for Photography (9 November-3 December).

8 Champollion St, Downtown, Tel 02 2578 4494/ 0100 1704554
New abstract paintings by Assem Sharaf (5 November - 6 December).

30 Hassan Assem off Brazil St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 7544
Paintings by Abdel-Aal Hassan (12-30 November).
Picasso East
Villa No 39 Al Narges 35th settlement, 90's St, in front of Lake View Compound, Tel 0122 0000035  
“Colour X Colour,” a group exhibition features Nour Al-Saadi, Taher Al-Sheikh, Berry Habashi and Azza Refaat (closing 21 November).

10 Nabarawy St, off Champollion St, Downtown. Tel 02 2576 8086
Factory Space
“An Object Resembling an Artwork,” by Ahmed Shawky Hassan treads the line that separates art from object, the intentional from the incidental, and ritual performance from the infra-ordinary. Ahmed Shawky Hassan first draws the viewer into the gallery, the studio, or the museum space and then implicates them in worlds of meaning-construction that surround art. The works in the exhibition challenge the very space they occupy, the institution (both literally and figuratively), the immediate environment, and the established customs and conventions of exhibitions (12 November-10 January). 
20 Hassan Sabry St, (entrance from Ibn Zinki St), Zamalek, Tel 0100 2792223
“Al Mahmal: A Second Look ,” paintings by Hannah Stevenson on the great pilgrimage to Mecca (1-18 November).
1st Settlement, New Cairo, Tel 02 2737 6753/0100 2792223
Paintings by Muaataz Al-Imam and Eman Hussein (closing 30 November).

Zamalek Art gallery
11 Brazil St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 1240
Venue I
“Sense and Sensitivity,” sculptures by Nathan Doss (12 November - 4 December). Venue II
“The Yin-Yang Asylum,” paintings by Yasmine El Hazek (12 November - 4 December).  


Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Tel (03) 4839999
Conference Centre West Exhibition Hall
“Dual Visions,” a duo exhibition of paintings by Mohamed Shaker and Abdel-Moneim Moaawad (closing 18 November).
Entrance of the Antiquities Museum B1 Level
“Abu Simbel: 200 Years After the Passing of Sheikh Ibrahim Burckhardt,” exhibition marks the 200th anniversary of the death of Swiss Orientalist Johann Ludwig Burckhardt—who discovered one of the most well-known ancient Egyptian monuments, the Temple of Abu Simbel in Aswan—the BA Antiquities Museum organizes the exhibition, in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland, and the University of Basel in Switzerland. It will showcase a number of plaques portraying the locations visited by Sheikh Ibrahim during his travels to Nubia, such as Philae, Abu Simbel, and Qasr Ibrim (13 November-13 February).

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