Friday,14 December, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1369, (16-22 November 2017)
Friday,14 December, 2018
Issue 1369, (16-22 November 2017)

Ahram Weekly

A Selfie with Death

A Selfie with Death
A Selfie with Death

The American University in Cairo

New Cairo Campus, for reservation and information call: 02 2615 4108
Malak Gabr Theatre
Sima Awanta, an Egyptian comedy play written by Noaaman Ashour in 1958. The play, directed by Waleed Hammad, presents the fast-paced world of film production in the 1950s, and different characters desperate to find their place in a highly volatile, ever-changing environment
(Thursday 16, Sunday 19, Monday 20 (7pm), Tuesday 21 November (5pm).

Artistic Creativity Centre Theatre Sallem Nafsak (Surrender), a play about the future version of Egypt which turned into a Utopia visited by the someone with foul values. Stars number of young talents. Adapted and directed by Khaled Galal (Performs every day except Wednesdays through the end of November, 7pm).   

Al-Balloon Theatre Agouza, across the street from the Nile, by the 26 July Bridge, Tel 02 3347 1718 Salah Jahin Hall Walad Al-Balad (Country People), a play produced by The Modern Theatre Company tackling a number of critical social issues such as corruption and the civil service law. Starring Shadi Asaad, Wael Mustafa, Aya Gamal and many more, written by Mustafa Selim and directed by Mohamed Al-Sharqawi (Performances run daily, 8pm).
The Cairo Puppet Theatre
Next to the Al-Attaba Metro Station, Tel 02 2591 0954
Sahsah Lama Yangah (When Sahsah Succeed), a children play with décor and puppets designed by Amir Abdel-Massih, music composed by Mohamed Fawzi, poems by Salah Jahin and directed by Salah Al-Sakka  
(Performances run on Thursdays and Fridays, 6.30pm).

Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Theatre
Next to Al-Balloon Theatre, Al-Agouza, Tel 02 3304 3187
Al Thamina Masaa (Eight pm), a play about forgiveness and revenge revolves around four people deciding to revenge each other at the same time leaving the final call to the spectators. It casts among many others Wafaa Eel Hakim, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Lamiaa Karam, Nael Ali, Nour Al Gazzar, Poetry written and recited by Abdallah Hassan, written by Yasmine Farag and directed by Hesham Ali.
(Performances run daily except Mondays, 8pm).

Grand Nile Tower
Corniche Al-Nil, Garden City, Tel 16826
The third season of Misr Theatre Company presents plays nine and ten casting Ashraf Abdel-Baqi, Ali Rabiaa, Hamdy Al-Merghany, Mustafa Khater, Dina among others  
(Plays twelve and thirteen on Thursday 16, Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November, 8pm).
Falaki Theatre
American University in Cairo, Downtown Campus, 24 Falaki St, Downtown Cairo, Tel 012 8872 1446 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is returning on the stage for the second season. It is an extraordinary book written by Roald Dahl and turned into an Egyptian musical by Atelier El Masrah theatre team, Faculty of Fine Arts adapted and directed by Samar Galal (Thursday 23 and Friday 24 November, 5pm and 8pm).
Metropol (The Children’s National) Theatre 6 Halim St, the beginning of 26th July, Attaba, Downtown, Tel 02 2593 3334
Snow White, a play about the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, starring Marwa Abdel-Monein, Mustafa Haggag, Sayed Gabr, costumes designed by Naaima Agami, décor by Hazem Shabl, directed by Mohsen Marzouq
(Performances run daily, 6.30pm).

Miami Theatre
Maarouf St, Qasr Al-Nile, Downtown, Tel 02 2574 5651
Selfie Maa Al Mout (A Selfie with Death), a monodrama play starring Nashwa Moustafa, written by Nashwa Moustafa and directed by Mohamed Alaam
(Performances run daily, 7.30pm).
The National Circus
27 Abdel-Khaleq Tharwat, Cairo, Tel 02 3347 0503
Offering a number of entertaining performances, including clowns, trained dogs, lions and horses
(Performances run daily except Wednesdays, 9.30pm).

Al-Qawmi (The National) Theatre
Al-Attaba Square, in front of Attaba Post Office, Cairo, Tel 02 2591 7783/1267/7561
Layla Min Alf Layla, a play starring Egyptian actor Yehia Al-Fakharani, Lotfi Labib, singer Mohamed Mohsen, written by Beram Al-Tonsi and directed by Mohsen Helmi.
(Performances run on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 9pm).

Rawabet Theatre
Hussein Meaamar St, off Mahmoud Bassiouni, next to Townhouse, Downtown
Botchan, a play written by Japanese author Natsume Soseki adapted and directed by Sherif Hamdi and presented in cooperation with the Japan Foundation Cairo Office
(Thursday 23 November, 7pm).

Al-Salam Theatre
101 Qasr Al-Aini St, Tel 02 2795 2484/2794 3016  
Qawaaid Al-Ashq Al-Arbaain (The Forty Rules of Adoration), a play based on Elaf Shafaq’s novel starring Bahaa Tharwat, Fawziya, Ezzat Zein, Dina Ahmed, singer Amira Abu-Zeid, religious chanter Samir Azmi, together with the Arab Mawlawiya troupe among others, with dramaturgy by Rasha Abdel-Moneim, music composed by Mohamed Hosni, décor by Mustafa Hamed, costumes by Maha Abdel-Rahman and Adel Hassan
(Performances run daily except Tuesdays, 8pm).
El Sawy Culturewheel
End of 26th of July St, under the 15th of May Bridge, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448
Wisdom Hall
Al Lella Al Kebira Gedan (The Very Big Night), an Arabic stage stand up show of different acts of the lineup Hamza Bahaa, Youssef Emad, Taha Desooqi, Mido Abo Yamen, Alaa Elshykh, Mohammad Talaat, Bakri Qabaqibi, Waleed El Moghazy
(Thursday 16 November, 7.30pm). Al Lella El Kebira (The Big Night), a musical show mimicking the original puppet operetta written by Salah Jahin and composed by Sayed Mekkawy performed by Fabrica Troupe (Monday 20 November, 7.30pm)
Sama Sonbol City
Giza, for tickets and reservation call 16826 or flock to
Ghazal Al Banat (Flirtation of The Girls), a big comedy and musical show from the theatrical heritage of theatre icon Naguib Al-Rehany, through which comedian Mohamed Sobhy is back on stage. It is written and directed by Mohamed Sobhy casting Abdel-Rahim Hassan, Arkan Fouad, budding artists Nada, Mustafa Youssef, Syrian singer Ammar and many more
(Acts take place each week on Thursday (7.30pm), Friday (6.30pm), Saturday & Sunday (7.30pm) from Thursday 16 November to Sunday 26 November).

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Tel (03) 4839999 Conference Centre (Big Theatre) Hakky Kalam Setat (Tale telling the talk of women), a story telling show directed by Wessal Abdel-Aziz performed by Artistic Theatre Company (Wednesday 22 November, 7pm).

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