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Thursday,18 April, 2019
Issue 1370, (23-29 November 2017)

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Fitting room errors

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Fitting room errors
Fitting room errors

Trying on clothes leaves you feeling stressed out and wishing you had a different body shape? Do you ever leave the dressing room feeling overwhelmed and near tears after hours of trying on clothes that don’t fit? Cheer up — we’ve all been there. The good news is that there’s a way to make shopping and trying on clothes a more positive experience.

Try to avoid these common mistakes women can make in the fitting room:

Sticking to one size: 

Even if you’re crystal clear about your size, bring a size up or down of the same dress, pair of trousers or skirt with you to the changing room so you can compare and contrast the fit. This will save you time and energy as different brands fit differently.

Ignoring the right brand: 

Not all brands fit all women. Any brand or label will only look elegant if it fits you correctly. So if you don’t find the relevant sizes in your favourite brand, try a new one that could highlight your figure.  

Trusting fluorescent lights: 

These are not the best for getting a true sense of how your outfit looks. Pop out to the store’s main floor to get a better look at your outfit’s colour and styling.

Wearing the wrong shoes: 

Flat shoes or a pair of sneakers with a cocktail dress or a pencil skirt won’t look right, no matter how flattering they are. 

Be careful with slim fits: 

These are the riskiest ones to buy. Sit on the bench in the fitting room to check if you’re comfortable in the clothes. Slim fits may look good when you see them on display, but they may not fit you when trying them on. The first thing to check is the fit at the broader parts of your body. 

Wearing the wrong underwear: 

Though you might want to stay comfy in a workout top during a shopping trip, this will clash with the clothes you’re shopping for. An ill-fitting bra can make a top fit wrong and the wrong underwear will distract from a dress’s fit.

Bringing your friends along: 

Second opinions can be great, but they don’t necessarily reflect your own style. Go alone and trust your gut feelings. Shopping partners might convince you to buy something you’d never wear, or steer you away from a piece you love.

Not knowing your body shape: 

It’s important to understand your body shape before heading to the dressing room. Otherwise, you might enter a store and start pulling off attire that might look good on the hanger but is not the right shape and size for your body type. This can mean that you feel awful trying clothes on because they don’t fit your body shape.


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