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Current issue | Issue 1373, (14 - 20 December 2017)
Thursday,18 April, 2019
Issue 1373, (14 - 20 December 2017)

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Coffee and classic meet

More than 70 of Egypt’s finest classic car collectors and their beautiful automobiles will gather on 15 December to share the glamor of their masterpieces. Mohamed Abdel-Razek reports

During 2016 coffee and classic meet

Classic car enthusiasts all over Egypt: If you can visit New Cairo this Friday, 15 December, then the coffee and classic casual meet that will take place at Maxim Mall in the Fifth Settlement should probably be on your schedule that day.

At 11am sharp, most of the classic cars will be positioned in their assigned locations at the display area. All the owners are likely to be standing near their automobiles or at least a couple of steps away. So meeting and asking the car owners questions will surely be welcomed by the Egyptian classic community as a whole.

“We are expecting over 70 vintage and classic vehicles to participate. There will be roughly 60 owners, as some are joining in more than one vehicle,” said Mahmoud Ezzeddine, CEO of Vintage Wheels Egypt, the organising company of the event.

During 2016 coffee and classic meet

The classic cars participating can keep a keen classic car enthusiast busy checking them out for days but unfortunately the event will end at 3pm so you better know your classic taste before arriving so you can check your favourite corner before anything else.

There will be some tough American classic muscles showing off, a category of classic cars that many Egyptians don’t get the chance to see often these days. If American muscle cars trigger your soul, then your entertainment is guaranteed since you will get to see mint condition muscles. You can also ask their owners to rev it up for you to get the caffeine to work quicker.

The Germans and their fans won’t be forgotten. Around 17 Mercedes cars from all lines will be there, as well as BMWs and Volkswagen Beetles. The English as well will have their presence felt with some nice Jaguars and Minis. Maybe the rare-to-find E-Type will show up.

During 2016 coffee and classic meet

“Vehicles will park in a specially sealed off parking area within the grounds of Maxim Mall,” Ezzeddine said. “No parking order but rather a first come first serve kind of parking. In the end, different makes and models will stand next to one another, and it is the contrast that we are after. Making each car unique on its own as it stands next to a completely different car.” Usually at Vintage Wheels official classic meets and festivals, categories and makes are the main factors that decide where each automobile should be displayed, but this time it seems to be fairly casual.

Ezzeddine believes that it’s a matter of age when it comes to what type of people are more attracted to specific kinds of classic cars. According to Ezzeddine younger fans will be more attracted to Muscle Cars, customised classics, two-door coupes of almost any kind, and flamboyant colourful looking rides. Those of an older generation might prefer certain models which were part of their lives in the past years or which give a certain nostalgic feel. However, tastes will vary and that is the beauty of it. It often happens that they bring enthusiasts and fans of all different models and makes.

“Our main goal is to keep on raising awareness about vintage and classic cars in Egypt,” Ezzeddine said when asked about the objectives of such an event. He said he believes that such events teach younger generations about models and makes that may soon vanish if enthusiasts and governments do not dedicate time, money and effort into the upkeeping of these gems.

In this upcoming casual classic meet, Ezzeddine wants the owners to support each other and share their knowledge. The main difference is that his company allows vehicles that are not in perfect condition to enter, giving owners a chance to showcase their efforts as well as to receive advice from other knowledgeable owners and enthusiasts. This is in marked contrast to the fifth Cairo Classic meet which had a much stricter method of participation.

This will be the second edition of the coffee and classic meet organised by Vintage Wheels Egypt. The first edition took place on 25 November 2016 with 26 classic cars participating. This edition seems to be tripling the fun and overindulging the senses and the heads of classic enthusiasts all around.

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