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Current issue | Issue 1375, (4-10 January 2018)
Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Issue 1375, (4-10 January 2018)

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Al-Ahram immortal

 Ibrahim Nafei
Ibrahim Nafei

It is with great sadness that Al-Ahram institution received the news of the death of its former chairman of the board and chief editor of Al-Ahram newspaper, Ibrahim Nafie.

The editorial of the daily Al-Ahram described Nafie’s death at the age of 84 as adding a new chapter to the book of immortals in the history of Al-Ahram’s establishment.

"If Selim and Beshara Takla were the founders of that old newspaper 143 years ago, and Mohamed Hassanein Heikal was the second founder in the mid-1950s, Ibrahim Nafie is – without doubt – the third founder of the newspaper in the mid-1980s.

Yasser Ayoub wrote that Nafie was the man who changed Al-Ahram to a great media and economic establishment.

He described him as a man who loved sports and contributed a lot to   improving it.

"As chairman of the board, he republished a sports magazine that changed the shape of sports in Egypt," Ayoub wrote in the daily Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Besides Al-Ahram newspaper, he added, Nafei published the international edition, the evening paper, and English and French newspapers as well as a magazine for women and another for children.

He could have lost all his achievements when he stood up against the state in 1995 to reject a law that could have encroached on the respect and freedom of press.

Nafie stood up then to defend the dignity of the journalist and defend the profession.

The attack against the church in Helwan was another cause for sadness this week. 

Mohamed Salah Al-Badri noted that terrorist attacks against churches have become seasonal: it happens every December as a kind of terrorism before the Copts’ Christmas on 7 January.  However, Al-Badri added in the private daily Al-Watan, that recently not only the security forces but the people are standing up to terrorist attacks.

He pointed to other positive points, namely the courage of the man who attacked the terrorist and took the weapon from him and the crowd that gathered in the hospital to donate blood to the injured.

Akram Al-Kassass wrote that there are several matters that cannot be ignored. Perhaps the most important of which is the wide use of mobile cameras that citizens used to record the incident from various angles.

The wide-ranging use of mobile cameras, Al-Kassass added, may not contribute to stopping an attack. But it pointed to the growing importance of using technology to record and prevent them.

"Establishing an accurate system to protect public buildings including churches can make the job of protection easier," he wrote in the daily Al-Youm Al-Sabei.

Another matter is the courage of the terrorist who walked around freely shooting people.

A third matter worth noting is the role of the public in dealing with the attack. The imam of the mosque called on people who were praying to rush to save the church. That in addition to the residents who threw stones and glass on the terrorist from their windows.

Demonstrations in Tehran

By Ahmed Kaoud, Al-Youm Al-Sabei

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