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Current issue | Issue 1376, (11-17 January 2018)
Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Issue 1376, (11-17 January 2018)

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Majerova and Hawass

The Deputy Chief of Mission of the Slovakia Ambassador to Egypt Ivana Majerova has visited the cemeteries of the builders of the pyramids in the Giza plateau accompanied by world-renowned archaeologist and discoverer of the cemeteries Zahi Hawass.

He confirmed to her that his discovery proved that builders of the pyramids are the Ancient Egyptians whose names are engraved on the cemeteries.
Majerova told to Al-Ahram Weekly how overjoyed she was after visiting the Ancient Egyptian cemeteries and that she is infatuated by ancient Egyptian history. She added that she would definitely return to the Pyramids plateau with a group of 200 Slovakian tourists.

(Photo: Ayman Barayez)



Tour d’Afrique cross continent cycling rally


On Sunday 7 January the Tour d’Afrique cross continent cycling rally began from the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Plateau to Egypt’s southern borders.

Held by the Global Biking Initiative (GBI), organisers Osama ElHaw and Mokhles Hassan told Al-Ahram Weekly that the 15th round of the rally includes 50 participants representing the US, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, England, Slovenia and South Africa.
The rally cascades12,000 kilometres starting from the Pyramids towards Luxor and Aswan then through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana and Namibia, ending in South Africa.
The rally aims at promoting tourism in Egypt and is being guarded by the Tourism Police Department under the supervision of Osama Al-Nawawi, vice director of the Tourism and Antiquities Police Department. (Photo: Ayman Barayez)


Quick and Makram in the middle


Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Terens Quick and Minister of Immigration and Expatriates Affairs Nabila Makram recently visited King Khufu’s Great Pyramid of Giza.
The ministers toured inside the pyramid’s passages and king’s chamber, listening to a running commentary by archaeologist and General Director of Antiquities Inspection of the Giza Plateau Ashraf Mohieddin who related the secret rooms, corridors and air passages inside the king’s pyramid as well as new discoveries and secrets based on the recent research of foreign archaeological missions on Khufu Pyramid. They also visited the Sphinx accompanied by Walid Al-Batouti, consultant of the tourism minister. (Photo: Ayman Barayez)

Guests of Forsa Sa'eda theatrical show


Days after the opening of the new play Forsa Sa'eda (Nice to Meet You) at Al-Salam Theatre, Ashraf Tolba, director of the Modern Theatre Company affiliated to the Theatre House, called it a “smashing success”. The play, which opened on Thursday 4 January, was attended by public figures including Iraqi Ambassador to Egypt Habib Al-Sadr, and his Emirati counterpart Gomaa Mubarak, together with Hossam Zaki, Arab League secretary general assistant, in addition to a number of the Egyptian parliament deputies on hand were Hatem Bashat and Mai Mahmoud. Arab League diplomat Nagat Al-Morabi, former military spokesman Mohamed Samir and TV host Moa’taz Al-Demerdash.
Also in the audience was media figure Omaima Tammam, Samir Omar, managing director of Sky News in Egypt, director of the Egyptian Cultural Club in New York Tarek Suleiman, club members and families of members of the police who have been killed as an act of gratitude.

The show is a fictional comedy about a lonely 79-year-old man whose life changes dramatically following a surprising twist of fate. Directed by Mohamed Gomaa, Forsa Saeeda stars Ahmed Bedeir, Iman Abou-Taleb, Fatouh Ahmed, Mohamed Al-Sawi and Ahmed Al-Demerdash.


Sarah Seif


Sarah Seif, integrated marketing communication major and recipient of the Moataz Al Alfi Endowed Scholarship, represented the American University in Cairo (AUC) and Egypt at the Arab Media Young Leaders Programme in the United Arab Emirates. The programme brought together 100 distinguished young media leaders from 20 Arab countries.

More news on the AUC, at their annual Governance and Policy Competition, the AUC students in the Model Council of Ministers made policy proposals and recommended projects to develop the Sinai Peninsula, in the presence of South Sinai Governor Khaled Fouda and President of the university Francis  Ricciardone. 

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