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Current issue | Issue 1377, ( 18 - 24 January 2018)
Tuesday,18 June, 2019
Issue 1377, ( 18 - 24 January 2018)

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A century on

The Egyptian National Library and Archives organised a celebration to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Gamal Abdel-Nasser, reports Nader Habib


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The Egyptian National Library and Archives (ENLA) this week celebrated the centenary of Gamal Abdel-Nasser’s birth with an exhibition displaying documents and periodicals tracing Nasser’s life and achievements.

Nasser’s 14 years as president were tumultuous, replete with historical landmarks that include the Tripartite Aggression, the Yemen War, the 1967 War and the nationalistion of the Suez Canal.

The exhibition is accompanied by two new publications, the National Document Authority’s Centenary of the Birth of the Leader Gamal Abdel-Nasser which comprises a selection of documents, excepts from periodicals and photos from Nasser’s time in office, and ENLA’s Egypt 1956: Nationalisation, Aggression and Victory which covers the Tripartite Aggression and popular resistance in Port Said.

“Despite the passing of 48 years since his death the people’s love of Nasser continues. This love is clearly felt in domestic and international forums, and by his family members who are always met with warmth,” Nasser’s daughter Hoda told a seminar organised as part of the event.

“Everyone talks about the humanitarian aspects of Nasser,” she added. “We — his family members — can confirm that these aspects were not limited to his family but extended to include Egypt and Arab, African and Asian countries shattered by occupation... Nasser dreamed of a future filled with dignity, freedom and proper education and health.”

Hoda Abdel-Nasser lauded ENLA’s efforts to document her father’s heritage. She said her relationship with the authority began 15 years ago when she felt obliged to preserve and document her father’s heritage and handed ENLA a cache of important documents and other items.

“I was surprised to find such professionalism in preserving and restoring my father’s valuable medals of gold and precious stones,” items which, she says, filled six suitcases.

“Depending on recordings from the Egyptian Radio and Television Union I began transcribing his speeches so that they would be available to researchers,” she said.

“This celebration aims at reviving Arab national identity — something Nasser exemplified and which is badly needed today,” Ahmed Al-Shouki, general manager of the ENLA, told the seminar. “Arab unity is the way to liberate Palestine,” Al-Shouki said, echoing one of Nasser’s maxims.

“As we celebrate an important period of our national history and one of its greatest leaders we should remember Nasser’s own words which sum up his character and help us understand the motives behind many of his decisions. The price of human dignity and freedom is high, but the price of humiliation is much higher,” said Al-Shouki.

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