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Current issue | Issue 1380, (8 - 14 February 2018)
Sunday,19 May, 2019
Issue 1380, (8 - 14 February 2018)

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Farfalle chicken and chard in creamy sauce

Farfalle chicken and chard in creamy sauce
Farfalle chicken and chard in creamy sauce

Serves 4-6


1 kg chicken breasts (cubed)

300 gm green Swiss chard (washed, drained, finely chopped with veins)

2 onions (sliced)

4 garlic pods (crushed)

400 gm farfalle pasta

Juice of 2 lemons 

1 small can of mushroom in brine

2 tbsp sun dried tomato; drained (roughly chopped)

200 ml cream

1/2 cup whole milk

1/2 cup mixture of grated Gouda and Parmesan 

1/3 cup boiled pasta waters

1 tsp sugar

Salt + pepper + basil + turmeric + herbes de  Provençe + paprika

40 gm butter + 1 tbsp olive oil 



Heat a large cooking pan on high.  Add butter and oil.  When butter melts, add chicken cubes.  Stir to slightly golden on all sides.  Remove with a slotted ladle.  Add sliced onion to pan; adding more butter if needed.  Stir to caramelise.  When yellowish in colour; add sugar and continue stirring; over low heat, until you reach the golden brown colour.  Season, stirring until fragrant.  Add garlic and chard.  Stir to combine then return the chicken cubes to pan, with lemon juice, sun dried tomato, mushroom and 30 mls of its brine.  Cover and allow to cook over low heat.  Meanwhile, fill a large deep boiling cooking pot with salted boiling water.  Add pasta to cook until al dente.  Remove away from heat, strain, reserve around 30 mls of its waters.  Add them to the chicken mixture together with the milk and cream.  Bring to the boil; uncovered.  Gently stir in strained pasta.  When heated through; remove away from heat.  Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle grated cheese mixture on top then serve hot.

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