Thursday,20 June, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1382, (22 - 28 February 2018)
Thursday,20 June, 2019
Issue 1382, (22 - 28 February 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Building bridges

Military operations in Sinai

Newspapers focused this week on the developments in the military operations in Sinai.

Heba Abdel-Aziz wrote that without exaggeration or impartiality, one can safely claim that Egypt is just about the only country capable of combatting terrorism without any contradiction or double standards.

Those who follow the official discourse, Abdel-Aziz said, will notice that it has not changed ever since terrorism increased in the country.

Thus, Operation Sinai 2018 was launched out of the conviction that only wise people come prepared and draw up plans as well as the fact that terrorism is the biggest and most dangerous obstacle hampering various development projects.

“Sinai 2018 is proof that we have been on the right strategic path ever since toppling the fascist and extremist right on 30 June 2013,” Abdel-Aziz wrote in the daily Al-Watan.

However, the writer said she was concerned about the silence among a sizeable sector of the people with regards to Sinai 2018.

They watch silently, she elaborated, as if the ongoing war does not concern them, whereas in reality, the present all-out war against terrorism concerns each and every person and family in Egypt.

The media this week was also keen to follow the details of Algeria's activist and revolutionary Djamila Bouhired who visited Egypt this week.

Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Sherif started his article by evoking Bouhired’s famous phrase ‘I love Egypt and its people since the days of Nasser’.

The French occupation, Al-Sherif wrote in the daily Al-Youm Al-Sabei, committed a grave mistake when it arrested her in 1957 and sentenced her to death.

But she was lucky, he added, because the world was concerned about her case.

Bouhired was released from jail years later when the occupation realised that it would never be able to silence the voice of more than one million martyrs whose souls supported Bouhired and made her an icon for the sacrifices she made for her country.

“Bouhired, in her eighties, still stimulates the enthusiasm of Egyptians who loved and defended her until she won. And her win was a win for all of us,” Al-Sherif summed up.

Holding the second conference held by the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) shed light on the court’s role.

The editorial of the daily Al-Ahram stated that the SCC is one of the oldest and most important constitutional courts in the world.

The edit pointed out that the issue of testing the constitutionality of laws was raised at the beginning of the last century. But the SCC was established in 1969 after which the 1971 constitution organised the court’s work.

So, by hosting the second conference for the chiefs of constitutional courts in Africa, the SCC is playing an important role in building more bridges of understanding and détente among African states especially in constitutional judiciary.

“The conference, which was attended by 43 African states, presents a genuine leap in consultation and exchanging expertise among African states, a fact that will contribute to empowering the state of law and enhancing the development process in Africa,” the edit said.

By Amr Selim, Al-Masry Al-Youm

The presidential elections

“Somebody wanted to listen to the famous song by Affaf Radi ‘Staying Alone at Home’. Can I arrest him for inciting people to boycott the election and stay at home?!”

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