Thursday,18 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1384, (8 - 14 March 2018)
Thursday,18 April, 2019
Issue 1384, (8 - 14 March 2018)

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Classics in Egypt: The classic meet

Two-hundred classic vehicles are on the scene in Egypt’s upcoming sixth classic meet

Oldsmobile business coupe 1941
Oldsmobile business coupe 1941


n its sixth edition the classic car meet returns this year on 16 March with a record 200 classic vehicles from 1903 to 1988, including cars, modified cars, micro cars, buses, trucks and even motorcycles. The event will take place in the Smart Village on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, a new location for this event, away from the downtown traffic jams and with massive area for visitors to park their cars and enjoy the day.

“Our main goal as organisers of this event is to expand the hobby and save Egypt’s treasure of classic cars,” said Mahmoud Ezzeddin, CEO of Vintage Wheels Egypt. Ezzeddin is over the moon because of the effect his company is having on the classic car community in Egypt, with each year the number of participating cars increasing. Last year he had about 85 vehicles displayed in the Horreya Garden in Zamalek; now he’s moved the event to a new location. “Getting more cars means that each year many people are getting into the hobby, saving more cars,” Ezzeddin added. 

Hearing that there will be cars since pre-World War I and after is exceptional but an understatement. The idea that within Egypt such cars still exist is mind-shattering. In last year’s classic meet, for example, most visitors were stunned to see the iconic Jaguar E-Type displayed, like going to Hyde Park in London to find the Great Pyramids of Egypt. The display area is always divided into very interesting ways that keep you miles away from feeling bored. There is the American wing with the American Muscle cars in a corner and the presidential automobiles in another, and modified cars in yet another. You get the feeling that it’s a classic car museum that feeds all tastes. 

From this year’s updates the event, which is free of charge, will have much more to offer visitors. “We will make sure to keep all the families entertained from 10am to the end of the day,” Ezzeddin said. According to Ezzeddin the event will have a children’s area. For the whole family, the food zone will make sure everybody is fueled up to keep running the whole day.

The event also has some additional love to send to the community with its road safety campaign. The antiques corner will also be there to spread the idea of taking care of the old stuff that people might feel is worthless but might have a lot of value hidden under the dust covering it.

Hopefully such events can attract the interest of officials who can help support the classic car community in Egypt by helping owners rescue more and more cars that at the end of the day will add to the national pool of Egypt’s collection of restored classic cars. Get ready for the classic meet.

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