Saturday,23 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1385, (15 - 21 March 2018)
Saturday,23 February, 2019
Issue 1385, (15 - 21 March 2018)

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Showing beauty this year

Celebrity beauty experts reveal the hottest make-up and hairstyling trends for 2018 to Ghada Abdel-Kader 

“Trendy make-up in 2018 is simple and light,” says Nanees Selim, a celebrity make-up artist in Cairo. Less make-up, with light colours focusing on embracing natural features, can add more glow, she adds.

Selim believes that a stunning look depends on the type of occasion. “Make-up for a photo session is different from that for shooting a film or for a wedding and so on,” she says.

Nanees Selim

The daughter of eminent beauty consultant and make-up artist Madiha Selim and veteran hair expert Salah Selim, her parents encouraged her to start doing make-up for brides when she was 15 years old. “At that time, I was the youngest expert and model on magazine covers in Egypt,” Selim said.

Her client list has included women like Jumana Murad, Sulaf Fawakherji, Razan Al-Magrabi, Raya Abirached, Mariam Nouh, Dalia Al-Beheiri, Riham Farouk, Kenda Alloush and others. 

According to Selim, permanent eyelashes are stronger and trendier this year. “Lash length depends on face shape, eye shape and the occasion itself,” she says. “In daylight, simple eyelashes of medium length for the upper and lower eyelids are preferable, while in the evenings you can use darker-coloured eye shadow with thicker, heavier eyelashes to give prominence to the eyes or use a heavier make-up with medium eyelashes. Both give a heavier look and highlight the eyes.”

Nanees Selim

“Use a single layer of black mascara on the eyelashes. Coloured mascara is no longer fashionable,” she adds.

For eyeliner, the look is brighter and sweeter. “Dark ruby red, blue, and fuchsia colours are stylish this year, though black is still dominant,” she says. 

Lighter, matt lipsticks in dusty, pastel colours like blue, pink, rose, beige and grey are in this season. “Outlining the lips with lip-liner is no longer fashionable,” Selim adds. 

Clear glitter lip-gloss and rich brilliant lip-gloss with crystal hints are also trending. Adding a thin layer of shiny gloss to matt lipstick is also in. “The colours of lipstick and eyeshadow should go together. Either the eyeshadow is darker than the lipstick or the opposite is the case,” she adds.  

Nanees Selim

She advises using lighter shades with pastel lipsticks in orange, blue, grey, dark red and olive colours. As for blusher, new colours are pink, plum, dark orange and dark red.

Coloured contact lenses can enhance natural beauty and complete the look of the eyes. Circular coloured lenses with clearly defined rings are suitable for small and medium eyes to achieve a “big-eyed” look, but coloured contact lenses without rings are best for wider eyes, she notes. Brown and grey lenses in all colour variations are more fitting for eastern skin tones.

A natural full set of eyebrows is trendy. “It frames the face and opens up the eyes. Over-plucked or thinning eyebrows are démodé. A woman’s eye size, face shape and nose size are the most important factors in determining the ideal angle for eyebrows,” Selim says. 

Nanees Selim

The use of henna on eyebrows is still in this year instead of using tattoos. “Microblading is the trend this year, and it will generally last from a year to a year-and-a-half,” she adds. 

A combination of two or more non-similar colours is a hit for manicures, and women can try decorating nails using the glittering shine of rhinestones on one finger on both hands. “It gives an elegant look, and there is a glamour in this combination,” she says. 

Primer make-up is the latest thing in make-up, and it can be applied before foundation to correct facial flaws while helping the make-up to last longer. “It is suitable for oily skin. For dry or normal skin, I preferred moisturiser,” she adds.

Richard Al-Boustani

Powder makes the foundation last longer. “Loose powder is best for the professional make-up expert, but compact powder is easier for ordinary women,” she comments. 

Apply blusher to determine the facial contours, starting from behind the ears and along the cheekbones. Selim explains that women with wide cheeks should move upwards with the blusher. For long or thin faces, the contouring is from the middle part of the cheeks. 

She advises every woman to aim to show her real beauty in simple ways and to pay special attention to skin tone. “You don’t need a fabulous body to look good. Choose what is appropriate to your body shape,” she concludes. 

Richard Al-Boustani

HAIR IN 2018: “Woman’s hair will always be her crown and the sign of femininity and real beauty,” says Lebanese hairstyling expert Richard Al-Boustani who came to Egypt in 2005.

Al-Boustani became a professional hairstylist when he was 24 years old, and he has worked with veteran stars in the Arab region including Elissa, Haifa Wahbi, Dorra Zarrouk, Mona Zaki, Mervat Amin, Youssra Al-Lozi, Rasha Mahdi and many others.

According to Al-Boustani, hairstyles in 2018 draw on a gypsy look inspired by the early 1940s until the early 1970s. “These are best suited to women with naturally wavy or curly hair,” he says.

Dark shades like black, brown, golden brown, chocolate, chestnut, mahogany, dark red, red blood with honey brown, and caramel hair highlights are in this year. “They suit Arab women’s hair colours and skin tones,” he comments.

Richard Al-Boustani

Adding highlights to just two tendrils at the front of a woman’s hair can contour her face. “It adds depth and texture to the style and gives a warm glow,” he says. The light shades of blonde colours suit fairer-skinned women. Ash blonde, platinum, white blonde or grey colours and shadowed root highlights are not trendy this year. 

Trendy hairstyles for 2018 include short, straight cuts. “There are more elegant and classy,” he comments. 

Long hair with a slight fringe or bangs cut straight across the forehead are stylish. Hair from the shoulder to mid-back length looks great for all face shapes. Double-sided tape hair extensions are also trendy. “They are quick and easy to fit,” Al-Boustani says. But they may not be suitable for very fine or thin hair as the bonds can be visible and cause hair loss, he adds. 

Richard Al-Boustani

The best thing for thin hair is clips in the hair extensions, he comments. “They create a volume that can be easily removed and put back in whenever the woman wants.”

Recently, wigs using natural hair have appeared in several textures, colours, and lengths. “They give the same natural look, but they are expensive even from online stores,” he says. 

For engagements, soirées, or evening parties, Al-Boustani doesn’t recommend big hair accessories. For brides, hair accessories should match the dress. “I like medium-sized headpieces not big tiaras,” he says.

He adds that bridal tiaras and crowns should be high quality and well-finished to look extra glamorous on the special day. 

Richard Al-Boustani

“Chignons in different shapes such as bun chignons, updos, topknots with headpieces, messy twisted chignon updos, and messy side hairstyles for weddings are also fashionable. They are gorgeous and stunning. They never get old,” Al-Boustani concludes. 

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