Thursday,21 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1386, (22 - 28 March 2018)
Thursday,21 February, 2019
Issue 1386, (22 - 28 March 2018)

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Hillary, say good-bye

Hillary, say good-bye
Hillary, say good-bye

It is inconceivable how stupid such a supposedly brilliant woman can be. Is it simply an inherent lust for power, or is it the loss of it?

Last week in a speech at Mumbai, Hillary Clinton listed more excuses as to why she lost the election. The Indian audience listened as she praised the areas she won, dynamic, progressive and informed. The places she lost were looking backward. The ongoing pressure on married women in these backward states forced them to follow their male relations, the boss, husband, son, and voted the other way.

How can you accept such a statement from a feminist icon? A truly sexist remark, she was ranting and raving about her loss, blaming those who rejected her as inferior. 

Such an elitist, she has insulted her fellow citizens who elected her competitor regularly. During the campaign she called them “deplorables”. She was never forgiven.

When her husband was running for president, she criticised “stay-at-home” moms who cooked and baked cookies. In India, she insulted over 63 million American citizens who did not vote for her, a year after the elections. So embittered by her loss, she has blamed everybody and everything, except herself, her ineptitude, her aggressive manners, lack of appeal and lack of message. 

 “Hell has no fury, like Hillary scorned,” some observed, and her incivility came back to haunt her.

With unbounded ambition and little talent Hillary Clinton has been overrated for four decades in politics. Her solo professional career without Bill has been less than stellar. She wields, manipulates, jerks and jiggles, burrowing her way out of every complex imbroglio she gets herself into. “The lies that is Hillary”, and her unethical style, have propelled her to the top, but if truth be told, she has accomplished close to nothing on her own but unending bungles and blunders, all of her own doing.

She could not have even been a small-town lawyer in a DC suburb as she flunked her Washington DC Bar exam. 

After graduating from Yale Law School, she refused to marry Bill until she travelled east seeking better positions. Finding none she went back to the small town of Lafayette, Arkansas (backward country), and married Bill, another serial liar who had sexual encounters with non-consenting adults.

Elected state attorney, the couple moved to Little Rock where she joined the Rose Law Firm. She was accused of over-billing. 

She was fired as House Judiciary Committee staffer, during the Nixon hearings, for incompetence, lies and disobedience.

She partnered with James and Susan McDougall in a real-estate failed investment, the Whitewater scandal, which ended up costing the tax-payer $60 billion. 

On leaving the White House she took furniture, artwork and crockery among other items, which she later had to pay for or return.

She claimed she was hit by “sniper fire” to emphasise exposure to danger in a war zone.

She totally ignored the instructions and rules for the handling of sensitive information, risking human lives.

She bungled the Benghazi terrorist attack, where an American ambassador and three others were killed. At the Congressional hearing she blared: “What difference does it make?” 

She amassed a fortune during her tenure as secretary of state, establishing a “charity foundation”, receiving millions of dollars from governments and individuals for future political favours, quid pro quo.
She dismisses any scandal as a “vast right-wing conspiracy” as when her husband was impeached and disbarred. 

Unaware that she has been rejected twice in a row as president there is no end to her excuses as to why she lost, and to the weakest competitors. The first time she was soundly defeated by a young African-American senator who had only been seated nine months in the Senate and often described as “the least prepared and the least qualified candidate to become president”. He had accomplished and achieved nothing in his short political career. Her excuse: “America was ready for a black president”. 

As the only legitimate heir to the presidency, it should have been a smooth ride to the White House in 2016. Did she not serve for almost eight years as Obama’s secretary of state? Suddenly, Bernie Sanders appeared, to challenge her for the nomination. An avowed socialist, he had crowds of thousands follow him, while only a few hundred would appear at her rallies. She had little to say that was inspiring, and she knew not how to say it. But she could easily get rid of Sanders with the Democratic Party backing her, and she did.

Who did she lose to again? A flamboyant businessman with no experience in politics. Why, she could chew him up in one chomp. She choked. He won.

She retired to her house in the country to ruminate about her loss, and “took walks in the woods”, and said she was done running for president, “but I am not done with politics”. Why not?

She cannot abandon that addiction… that yearning for power.

Over decades in public life, numerous scandals have swirled round her, from the suicide of White House advisor Vince Foster, to Whitewater, Benghazi, Foundation donations, her e-mail practices, etc. 

If there was no Ross Perot, a third candidate who robbed George Bush senior of 20 million votes, Clinton would have never won and there would be no Hillary. 

Are we to expect more scandals, more books, more corruption, more excuses?

It’s over Hillary. Please go back to the woods.

“As I was standing in the street as quiet as could be,

a great big ugly man came up and tied his horse to me”.

As quoted by Hillary Clinton

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