Saturday,19 January, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1392, (3 - 9 May 2018)
Saturday,19 January, 2019
Issue 1392, (3 - 9 May 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Safwan M. Masri

Safwan M. Masri
Safwan M. Masri

The American University in Cairo

Oriental Hall

Al-Sheikh Rihan St, off Tahrir Square, Tel 02 2615 2694/012 8000 9077

Mon 7, 6.30pm- 8pm: “Tunisia: An Arab Anomaly”, a lecture by Safwan M. Masri, the executive vice president for Global Centers and Global Development at Columbia University and a senior research scholar at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA).



25 Orabi St., off Port Said, Maadi, Tel 010 19222220

Sat 5, 8pm: A talk by iconic Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla about “Impressions” exhibition.  It showcases artworks by American visual artist Solange Roberdeau and American-South African artist Shannon Brinkley as well as Abla as a guest of honour.


The Egyptian Association of the United Nations

28 Talaat Harb St, Cairo, 7th Floor, Apt. No 710, Tel 02 2574 6217

Sat 5, 6pm: “The Paris Agreement on Climate Change”, a seminar features Akhar Saa magazine Managing-Editor Hadya Al-Sherbini and Ambassador Ezzat Al-Beheiri, head of the association.  

Balassi Institute Cairo

Hungarian Cultural Counsellor Office

13 Gawad Hosni St, Abdin, Downtown, second floor, Tel 02 2392 6692

Wed 9, 10.30am-2.10pm: The Visegrad Group Egyptology Symposium presents a set of lectures on Ancient Egypt delivered by experts from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and the Slovak Republic. The programme starts with an opening speech by Ambassador of Hungary Péter Kveck followed by masterpieces of classical music performed by Greig Martin (piano) and Péter Oláh (flute). “The Cult of the Sacred Baboons in Ptolemaic Thebes: New Evidence from the Hungarian Excavation in Theban Tomb-400”, a lecture by Senior Assistant Professor, department of Egyptology, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest Dr. Gabor Schreiber (Hungary). “Exploration of the Shaft Tombs from the 1st Millennium BCE at Abusir”, a lecture by Professor Dr. Ladislav Bareš at the Czech Institute of Egyptology (Czech Republic). “The Greek-Roman Period Site Marina Al-Alamein. What We Know About the Town in the Light of the Recent Excavations”, a lecture by Director of the Archaeology Institute, University of Warsaw Professor Krzysztof Jakubiak (Poland). (Lectures will be presented in English).


The French Institute for Oriental Archaeology (IFAO)

37 Sheikh Ali Youssef St, Mounira, Tel 02 2797 1600

Wed 9, 6pm (open for the public): “The French Archaeological Missions in Egypt Day”, presents a panel discussion featuring the principle figures involved in the French archaeological missions in Egypt. Panelists: Head of the Alexandria Researches Studies Centre Marie-Dominique Nenna, Director of the French-Egyptian Centre of the Karnak Temples Studies Christophe Thiers and Director of Taposiris Magna / Plinthine Mission  Bérangère Redon. A seminar features Director of the IFAO Laurent Bavay, who will speak about the excavation work of the institute in 2017 and 2018 (7pm).

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