Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1394, (17 - 23 May 2018)
Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Issue 1394, (17 - 23 May 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Impressions at the Arcade gallery

Mohamed Abla
Mohamed Abla

“Impressions”, an exhibition by American artist Solange Roberdeau and American-South African artist Shannon Brinkley with iconic Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla as the guest of honour is on show at the Arcade gallery. “Impressions” explores perceptual terrain in work produced at the Fayoum Winter Residency: drawings on wood and paper in which each artist considers and experiments with the idea of fusing the internal with the external.

Brinkley's undulating drawings in blue watercolour depict the hills and valleys of her own medical graphs, charting twenty-eight days of blood sugar levels. By presenting these lines as both singular and in continuous layers, an interior terrain is revealed that is intrinsically linked to how Brinkley operates in the world, bringing the viewer to places much larger then ourselves.

Roberdeau visited a family-operated ceramic studio in Fayoum,

working in Pharaonic Era pottery production methods. She was inspired by the relationship of the craftsmen to the land in the production process and by the forms and colours of the clay as it transformed from dark, wet earth into red, functional vessels. Her red and black drawings on wood, veiled in a fine layer of sand collected in Fayoum, are her translation of this experience of a human process intrinsically bound to the environment where it is created. Her supplementary series of studies in graphite and ink on paper further explore the fundamental forms she found so inspiring.

The exhibition is on until 25 May

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