Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1400, (5 - 11 July 2018)
Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Issue 1400, (5 - 11 July 2018)

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Trendy swimwear

Trendy swimwear
Al-Ahram Weekly

With the advent of summer comes the need to refresh your swimwear wardrobe, especially when planning visits to coastal resorts and sandy beaches for that long-awaited vacation.

When it comes to shopping for swimwear, most of us opt for the fit or style or even brand one loves and sticks with it. Yet, this summer it may be a good idea to focus on the silhouette, age and fashion trends of this season for a change.

Swimwear trends this summer explore the forgotten zone between unnecessary extravagant embellishments and last year’s minimalist lines. From seashells, romantic floral blooms and fruit on one-piece swimsuits to botanical prints, stripes and polka dots on tankinis or bikinis, this year’s designs will help you trust yourself, hiding imperfections and accentuating the silhouette while respecting fashion trends.

Here are some runway-inspired swimwear trends to try this summer:

The romantic

The romantic: 

Whether one-piece, tankini or bikini, the romantic swimwear trend this season is all about shades of pink, red and purple with subtle, feminine details like frills and ruffles, fine buttons, ribbed textures and keyhole cutouts.

The high-neck tankini

The high-neck tankini: 

This is one new style that has turned into four, including the strappy, the halter, the collar and the high-neck tankini. All these styles are on trend this summer, with their signature style of comfort and support.

The high long-sleeved

The high long-sleeved: 

Judging by photographs of 2018 fashion swimwear, long-sleeved patterns are as popular as ever this year. 

The high-waist bikini

The high-waist bikini: 

You can opt for this vintage style to get a chic, sophisticated look. 

The one-piece

The one-piece: 

The one-piece swimsuit is back, and it has been enjoying a popularity that has shown no sign of stopping in 2018. The classic, slimming, neutral-coloured one-piece will be the love of many people for a lifetime. Patterns with large cuts on the hips in 80s style are very popular this season. 

The abstract

The abstract: 

Printed swimwear in warm colours are trending on this year’s runways. If you’re unsure about wearing bold prints, try stripes instead.

With tassels

With tassels: 

Bathing suits decorated with yarn tassels are popular this season, making the wearer look more chic and feminine.



Whether on a bikini or on a one-piece with a simple cut, colour-blocking is the minimalistic approach to this season’s swimwear. It is modern, trendy and really slimming. You can also use colour blocks in contrasting colours like black or white for that extra-cool look.

The botanical

The botanical: 

The botanical trend is showing no signs of disappearing in 2018, and where better to showcase it than in an on-trend tropical print on a fabulous bikini or off-the-shoulder silhouettes with extra-bright colouring?

The long-stripped

The long-stripped: 

Runways this year have mixed the freshness of colour with the classic lines of stripes. Some designers have used unforgiving horizontal stripes, while others have used this tried-and-tested pattern to create flattering angles for both two and one-pieces.

The sporty

The sporty: 

This year there has been an inventive use of colour-blocking in this familiar style, whether in the use of one shade for the waist up and another for the waist down, incorporating contrast straps, or using a reversible weave design to bring two different hues together.

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