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Current issue | Issue 1400, (5 - 11 July 2018)
Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Issue 1400, (5 - 11 July 2018)

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Once the Vantage, now the DBS

Fine English blood, once mixed with Japanese, now gets German DNA spilled all over the back, reports Mohamed Abdel-Razek

Aston Martin DBS superleggera

Revealed in late 2017, the Vantage came out as Aston’s introduction to a whole new transformation strategy to its lines to compete at the highest level among the world’s top super cars Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini and Porsche. The car spoke out on behalf of the British. It looked like there were three main factors that got all the effort and attention from the manufacturer: design, technology and performance.

Porsche Panamera

In the past years Aston Martin failed to convince super car buyers on the performance and technology level, however, they were very strong on soul and craftsmanship. Many expensive and high performance and technology capable super and hypercars lack soul, the heritage of the past that adds to the technology of today to produce the ultimate supercar that satisfies you and makes you feel it deserved each and every penny of the fortune you invested in it. The car of James Bond, that makes you feel you’re 007 every time you drive it, the iconic exhaust note and the special interior design. We shouldn’t regret all of this, however, when you are about to pay around $160,000 at the start of the line Vantage, or $308,000 in the DBS Superleggera, you almost expect to get a complete super car that no one in the world can pick a flaw out of.

In the past decade the force was stronger than the British trademark, but they already got their new weapons out and fired back. In November of last year Vantage was revealed. Yes it was revolutionary and had one of the best and original rear end designs on the market, but it really looked like a Mazda MX from the front. Why would someone pay that sum of money in a car whose jealous friend might mock him for looking like a Mazda? Challenging themselves, Aston managed to get out of that bubble they were trapped in for a long time, but still didn’t manage to bring the complete package. With a V8 4L that produces 503hp, the Vantage has a power plant that gets it from 0-100 km in 3.4 seconds. Still, someone can get in with a Porsche GT3-RS which costs $145,000 and pass you with a 0.4 second lead. 

Mazda MX

From the technological point of view, Aston Martin could not manage to develop an entertainment system that can compete with those of BMW and Porsche. So they lent Mercedes’s old entertainment system and stuck it in the middle console, making you feel awkward every time you see, touch and use it. The well-made materials and expensively put together interior can’t be doubted, but they managed to give us a hint as to how the DBS will look like. Just open the trunk of the Vantage and it will look exactly like a 911.

A few weeks ago, Aston Martin revealed its ultimate new product, the DBS Superleggera which starts at $309,000. The car produces a whopping 715hp out of a 5.2L Twin Turbo V12 beast under the hood. It looks just fantastic, except for the rear end this time. That looks like the designer had Porsche car posters stuck all over his bedroom, so he ended up copying the back design of the Panamera.

Aston Martin vantage

In a nutshell, Aston Martin managed to break the stubborn barriers and the fear to get out of the comfort zone, but still can’t deliver a car that can be one step close to perfection. They are starting to lose their soul and originality — which is all they got — by adding technology from Mercedes and hiring designers who get inspired by Porsche designs.

God Save the Queen.

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