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Current issue | Issue 1402, (19 - 25 July 2018)
Sunday,24 February, 2019
Issue 1402, (19 - 25 July 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Youm Moatadel Gedan

Youm Moatadel Gedan
Youm Moatadel Gedan

The 11th Egyptian Theatre National Festival (19 July-2 August)

Artistic Creativity Centre Theatre
Gezira Exhibition Grounds, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 3448/6
Sallem Nafsak (Surrender), a play directed by Khaled Galal

(Friday 20, Saturday 21, 8pm).

They Are All My Children, a play presented by the Cultural Development Fund, directed by Nour Mohamed

(Monday 23, Tuesday 24, 8pm).


The Cairo Puppet Theatre
Next to the Al-Attaba Metro Station, Tel 02 2591 0954
Rehlat Al-Zaman Al-Gamil (A Journey to the Good Time), a children play about some children who travel to the Pharaonic era written by Yehia Zakaria, puppets and costumes by Nagui Shaker, décor by Mohamed Saad and directed by Mohamed Nour
(Performances run on Thursdays and Fridays, 6.30pm).


Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Theatre

Next to Balloon Theatre, Al-Agouza, Tel 02 3304 3187

Al-Saa Al-Akheera (The Last Hour), a play performed by Al-Ghad Theatre Company and describes the last hour of the life of the American pilot who dropped the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima and the psychological suffering he went through after dropping the first atomic bomb in history. Written by Sawiris Cultural Foundation award winner for the same book Eissa Gamaleddin, the play casts among many others Samia Atef, Sherif Sobhi, décor and costume design by Mohamed Hamed and directed by Nasser Abdel-Moneim (Friday 20, Saturday 21, 6pm).

Lesa Basaal (I am Still Asking), a show presented by the Cultural Development Fund, directed by Mohamed Moursi

(Monday 23, Tuesday 24, 8pm).

Studio, a show performed by Shebeen Al-Kom Theatre Club, directed by Alaa Al-Kashef (Wednesday 25, Thursday 26, 8pm).


Al-Hanager Arts Centre

Cairo Opera Complex, Gezira Exhibition Grounds, Zamalek,

Tel 02 2735 6861

A Boat without A Fisherman, a theatrical show performed by Al-Hanager Arts Centre Company, directed by Amr Qabeel

(Friday 20, Saturday 21, 10pm).

The Nest, a theatrical show performed by Al-Alsun Theatre Company,  directed by Ibrahim Ahmed (Monday 23, Tuesday 24, 10pm).

22 + For All Ages, a theatrical show directed by Mohamed Gabr

(Thursday 26, Friday 27, 6pm).


Al-Gumhouriya Theatre

12 Al-Gumhouriya St, Abdin, Tel 02 2390 7707

The Citadel of Death, a play presented by the Opera House, directed by Monadel Antar (Sunday 22, 10pm).


The International Park

Madinet Nasr District

Antika (Antique), a play performed by Al-Shams (The Sun) Theatre Company for those with special abilities starring Amir Salaheddin, Inas Nour and a group of actors with special abilities, lyrics composed by Wael Awad, written by Ayman Hafez, directed by Amira Shawqi and Ayman Hafez (Performances run daily, 6.30pm).


Malak Opera Theatre

9 A Khalig Al-Khour St, Azbekiya district, Ramses, Tel 0122 3417152 

Youm Mo’atadel Gedan (A Very Calm Day), a play performed by The Youth Theatre Company, casts Kamal Attiya and a group of budding actors, poems written by Sameh Osman, music composed by Karim Arafa, costume design by Mima Mohamed, décor by Wael Abdallah and directed by Sameh Bassiouny (Friday 20, Saturday 21, 8pm). 

Narrating the Events of an Announced Death, a show performed by Ain Company, directed by Mohamed Ezzeddin

(Sunday 22, Monday 23, 8pm).


Metropol (The Children’s National) Theatre

6 Halim St, the beginning of 26th July, Attaba, Downtown, Tel 02 2593 3334
Snow White, a play for children presented by The Children’s National Theatre and directed by Mohsen Rizk

(Friday 20 (6pm), Saturday 21, 8pm).

Hannan in the Sea of Coral, a play presented by Aswan Public Culture Theatre, directed by Amr Hamza

(Sunday 22, Monday 23, 8pm).

A Journey in the Sea Bed, a play presented by Port-Said Public Culture Theatre, directed by Mohamed Al-Ashri    

(Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25, 8pm).

Forest of the Smarts, a play presented by Al-Gharbiya Public Culture Theatre, directed by Ashraf Fegl (Thursday 26, Friday 27, 6pm).


Miami Theatre

Maarouf, Qasr Al-Nile, Downtown, Tel 02 2574 5651

Komedia Al-Boaasaa (Comedy of the Miserable), a play performed by the Comedy Theatre Company. It is an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s epic historical novel Les Miserables casting Rana Samaha, Mahmoud Ezzat, Maya Maher and many more, décor by Amr Al-Ashraf, costume design by Naaima Al-Agamy, written and directed by Marwa Radwan (Friday 20, Saturday 21, 10pm).

Hamlet Theatrical Company, a show directed by Mamdouh Abu-Ouf (Sunday 22, Monday 23, 6pm).

Caligula, a theatrical show directed by Ahmed Ezzat

(Wednesday 25, Thursday 26, 10.30pm).


Naguib Al-Rehani Theatre

17 Emadeddin Street, Downtown, Cairo, near cosmos cinema

Tel 02 25913697, 02 25892103

Sibouny Aghani (I want to Sing), a comedy production by Ahmed Al-Ebiary

starring veteran comedian Samir Ghanem, Talaat Zakaria, Tarek Al- Ebiary, Shaaban Abdel-Rehim, Shams, Ahmed Saad, Alaa Zeinhom and the child Loai Abdoun (Thursday 19 July, 9.45pm).  


The National Circus
27 Abdel-Khaleq Tharwat, Cairo, Tel 02 3347 0503
Offering a number of entertaining performances, including clowns, trained dogs, lions and horses
(Performances run daily except Wednesdays, 9.30pm).


Al-Qawmi (The National) Theatre

Al Attaba Square, in front of Attab Post Office, Cairo, Tel, 02 25917783

The Visit, a show performed by Al-Alsun Faculty Theatre Company, Ain Shams University and directed by Mohamed Gabr (Sunday 22, Monday 23, 10.30pm).

Al-Sira Al-Holamiya (Al-Holamiya Epic), a play produced by Taliaa Theatre, written by Al-Hassan Mohamed and directed by Mohamed Al-Sagheir (Wednesday 25, Thursday 26, 10pm).


Al-Salam Theatre

101 Qasr Al-Aini St, Tel 02 2795 2484/2794 3016/010 21521501 

Amr Takleef (Assignment Command), a play produced by the Modern Theatre Company, it revolves around raising awareness of the role played by the Egyptian armed forces. It casts Karim Al-Husseini, Azza Labib, Ahmed Zakariya, music composed by Ahmed Hamdy, décor by Nadia Tarabia, costume design by Ola Ali, directed by Bassem Qenawi (Performances run daily except Tuesdays, 9pm).


El-Sawy Culturewheel
End of 26th of July St, under the 15th of May Bridge, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448

Wisdom Hall

Cinderella Secret, a theatrical play performed by Utopia Theatre Company, dramaturgy by Manal Maghraby and directed by Mohamed Hafez (Monday 23 July, 7.30pm).


Taliaa Theatre
Attaba Square, next to the Metro Station, Tel 02 2593 7948/2592 0522

Salah Abdel-Sabour Hall

Ana Carmen (It is Me Carmen), play starring Samaa Ibrahim, music by Aymna Al-Khayat, costumes design by Rashida Ali, written and directed by Samaa Ibrahim (Performances run daily, 9pm).

Zaki Tolaimat Hall

Al-Sira Al-Holamiya (Al-Holamiya Epic), show revolves around the concept of revenge for Hamlet but in an Upper Egyptian style starring Mohamed Ibrahim, Rafaat Said, written by Al-Hassan Mohamed and directed by Mohamed Al-Sagheir (Performances run daily, 7pm).




Beram Al-Tunsi Theatre

Al-Gaish St, Al Azaritah, Qesm Bab Sharqi, Alexandria, Tel (03) 5929960/5913835

Yaoum An Qatalu Al-Ghenaa (The Day They Killed Singing) a play on the struggle between two brothers in their journey of searching for the secret of existence and the secret of universe,   starring Yasser Sadek, Alaa Qouta, Hend Abdel-Halim, directed by Tamer Karam with décor by Mohamed Saad, and costumes designed by Marwa Mounir

(Performances run daily except Tuesdays, 7pm).

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