Saturday,23 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1408, (6 - 12 September 2018)
Saturday,23 February, 2019
Issue 1408, (6 - 12 September 2018)

Ahram Weekly

E-DO ensemble

Kyung-Hwa, Yu
Kyung-Hwa, Yu

Arab Music Institute

22 Ramsis St, Tel 02 2574 3373

Thurs 6, 8pm: Oud recital by Ali Tantawi.

Sun 9, 8pm: The Arab Music Heritage Ensemble.

Tues 11, 8pm: Basmat Al-Andalus band.

Wed 12, 8pm: Sayed Darwish Heritage ensemble, conducted by maestro Mohamed Hassan performs songs of late singer and composer Sayed Darwish. 

Thurs 13, 8pm: Singer Rehab Omar in a classical Arab singing concert.


Amir Bashtak Palace

Al-Muaaz St, Tel 02 2787 9187

Thurs 30, 7pm (Free entry): The Arab Singing Youth concert “The Golden Voices” will include a solo violin recital by Medhat Abdel-Samiaa, accompanied by the Oriental Takht of the Arab Singing House and its choir featuring singers Jodi Al-Zeini, Ibrahim Abdel-Moneim and Soriya Medhat.


Beit Al-Seheimi
Al-Muaaz St, Al-Darb Al-Asfar Alley, Al-Gamalya District, Tel 02 2591 3391
Every Sunday, 7.30pm: The Nile Troupe for Folk Instruments, conducted by Abdel-Rahman Al-Shafaai, performs dances and songs from Upper Egypt on mizmar, tabla and other traditional musical instruments.
Every Friday, 8.30pm: “Al-Aragouz wa Khayal Al-Zel” (The Shadow Puppet), a free public performance by clowns in Al-Muaaz Street, presented by Wamda and directed by Nabil Bahgat

Thurs 6, 7.30pm: Shwayat Fan (some art) band.


Cairo Opera House

Gezira Exhibition Grounds, Tel 02 2737 0602/2736  0361, box office 02 2739 0132/0144

Main Hall

Sat 8, 8pm: The Cairo Symphony Orchestra concert.

Tues 11, 8pm: “Scent of Korea”, a traditional Korean show performed by YI-DO or E-DO Korean ensemble composed of six incredibly talented musicians who combine traditional and contemporary rhythms with consummate ease. The group is led by Kyung-Hwa, Yu, who is credited with reviving the chulhyungeum, an ancient instrument from Korea that was almost on the verge of extinction. Kyung-hwa, Yu on the chulhyungeum and janggu (the hour-glass drum) and percussion is accompanied by five equally exceptional musicians: Kyung-Koo Lee on daegeum (long pipe); JC Curve (C.Bass/E.Bass), Lee Jun-hyoung (percussion, pansori), on bass is Jung-Chul Seo, a member of the fusion jazz band  Watercolour whose repertoire ranges from Jazz and Pop, and on guitar is Young-Deok Jo. Dancers Ryu Ji Sook, Kim Ji Hyun and Jung Yeon jung will also join them on stage. Their profound understanding of traditional Korean music is complemented with a singularly contemporary re-orientation.

Thurs 13, 8pm: The Abdel-Halim Noweira Arab Music Ensemble performs Umm Kolthoum songs.  

Open-Air Theatre

Thurs 6, 8pm: Al-Masryeen band, led by accordionist Hany Shenouda and featuring new talents.

Fri 7, 8pm: Guitar recital by Elhamy Khourshid.  

Sun 9, 8pm: Al-Nour Wa Al-Amal Orchestra, conducted by maestro Mohamed Saad Basha


Cairo Jazz Club

197, 26th July St, Agouza, Tel 02 3345 9939

Sat 8, 10pm: Dokkan plays contemporary instrumental music mixed with more traditional Arabic influences.

Sun 9, 10pm: Founded and led by international jazz pianist Hesham Galal, local band Cocoon is back once again to play a collection of lively Latin and Cuban jazz.

Wed 12, 10pm: It’s that time of the month where Ramy DJunkie returns to the decks for his signature boogie night.


Darb 1718

Kasr El Shamaa St, Al Fakhareen, Old Cairo, near Mar Girgis Metro Station, Tel 02 2741 3053/ 0109 3766188

“Mazzika x El Sat7”, a monthly musical night held on Darb 1718

roof. Our special musical nights will present a unique experience embodied in the type of music performed, the ambiance and the limited number of seats.

Thurs 6, 8.30pm: Taksir Sharqi band presents music combining Egyptian folkloric music such as Zar and Mawwal with contemporary music. Band members: Ahmed Omran (Oud), Walid Abdo (Percussion and Tambour), Amin Shaheen (Arghoul and Kawala). Participants include: Umm Sameh (Vocals and Percussion), Abdel-Rahman Balala (Vocals), Wetey (Bass guitar), Abdallah Magdy (Electronic guitar) Wael Al-Sayed (Accordion) and Amr Wagih (Saxophone).

Fri 7, 8.30pm: The Sinatras band pays tribute to Frank Sinatra. Band members: vocalist Gabriel Bishara, clarinist Mohamed Tannir, guitarist Khaled Ahmed, Mohannad Arrab on bass guitar.

Thurs 13, 8.30pm: The duo of flute and violin Fayrouz Kaddal and Daniel Merrill combines traditionally melodic instrumentation of flute and violin, and their music is inspired by Nubian, Oriental and British musical traditions. Utilizing extended techniques on their instruments they create a distinctively intimate music exploring the couples unique and varied roots. The duo is accompanied by the magical percussion playing of Bouda, on the tabla and duff and Wesam, on riq and duff. 


French Cultural Institute

Madrasset Al-Huquq Al Frinseya St, Mounira, Tel 02 2791 5800

Thurs 13, 7pm: Singer Caroline Montier sings the love songs of Barbara Amoureuse, accompanied by piano. 


Al-Ghouri Caravansary
Mohamed Abdou St, off Al-Muaaz St and Al-Azhar St, Tel 02 2514 7475
Al-Tanoura whirling dervishes perform to live Sufi music
(Performances every Sat, Mon, and Wed, 7.30pm).


Al-Gumhouriya Theatre

12 Al-Gumhouriya St, Abdin, Tel 02 2390 7707

Thurs 6, 8pm: Fouad and Mounib band.

Fri 7, 8pm: Al-Enshad Al-Dini troupe for religious chanting, conducted by maestro Omar Farahat celebrates the new hegira year.


Saad Zaghloul St, Al-Mounira, Cairo, Tel 02 2792 0878
Every Monday: (fixed event) Zikr and Sufi night.
Every Tuesday, 8pm (doors open at 7.30pm and reservations is canceled at 7.30pm): Mawawil and Gamalat Shiha present traditional music of the Nile Delta; Nubian Fadeka music and songs with Aragid, featuring Saleh Abbass and Farah Al-Masri; traditional Sudanese music and songs performed by Queen of Henna Settouna; Al-Jaafra music played by musicians from Aswan; Nass Makan (People from Makan) and Sanet perform traditional music from Eritrea.
Every Wednesday, 8pm: Zar music and songs by Mazaher, featuring Umm SamehUmm Hassan and Nour Al-Sab


El Mastaba Centre for Egyptian Folk Music

30 A El-Balaqsa St, Abdeen, Downtown. Tel 011 50995354

Al Dammah Theatre for Free Arts

Thurs 6, 9pm: El Tanbura troupe from Port-Said performs folk songs and dances on Simsimia, the Tanbura (big lyre), Nay also Kawala (end-blown, reed flute), tabla (vase-shaped drum), triangle, Sagat (small cymbals), Shakhalil (kind of castanets) and riq (open, wooden frame drum with jingling discs in the frame).


Must Opera House

Al-Motamayez District, next to Dar Al Fouad Hospital, 6th of October City, Giza, Tel 01094444273/4/5 – 16828

Thurs 13, 8pm: A singing recital by Medhat Saleh.


El-Sawy Culturewheel
End of 26th of July St, under the 15th of May Bridge, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448

River Hall

Thurs 6, 8pm: A singing recital by Mohamed Mohsen.

Mon 10, 6pm: A concert features Singer and poet Ahmed Kamel

Tues 11, 7pm: Halamantishi poetry recital by sarcastic poet Amr Qatamesh in a live poetic concert, the poems of Qatamesh is distinct with uniqueness, creativity and comedy too.

Wed 12, 7pm: Munshid Mahmoud Al-Hedawy came for Luxor to perform religious chants. 

Wisdom Hall

Thurs 6, 6 & 8pm: El-Sawy Culturewheel Puppet Theatre show revives the concerts of the late diva Umm Kolthoum performing two of her much-loved songs.

Fri 7, 7pm: Munshid (religious chanter) Mustafa Atef chants religious songs.

Sat 8, 8pm: Singer Ali Al-Haggar performs classical Arab songs as well as his much-loved songs.  

Sun 9, 8pm: Religious chanting by El-Zahrwan band

Tues 11, 8pm: Religious chanting by chanter Amr Khattab.

Thurs 13, 7pm: El-Sawy Culturewheel Puppet Theatre show revives and performs songs of late iconic singer and composer Mohamed Abdel-Wahab.   


Al-Sherifain Street

Al-Borsa area, Downtown

Thurs 6, 6pm: Musical performances, artistic workshops, “Al-Aragouz wa Khayal Al-Zel” (The Shadow Puppet), a free public show by clowns among other artistic items. 





Alexandria Opera House (Sayed Darwish Theatre)

Fouad St, Mahatat Al-Raml, Alexandria, Tel 03/486 5106

Sun 9, 8pm: “Scent of Korea”, a traditional Korean show performed by YI-DO or E-DO Korean ensemble composed of incredibly talented musicians who combine traditional and contemporary rhythms with consummate ease.

Tues 11, 8pm: Alexandria Talents Development Centre’s concert.

Thurs 13, 8pm: Alexandria Sporting Club’s Sayed Darwish Choir performs the late artist’s songs.


Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Tel (03) 4839999

Main Hall

Fri 7, 8pm: Malaaz band.

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