Saturday,25 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1413, (11 - 17 October 2018)
Saturday,25 May, 2019
Issue 1413, (11 - 17 October 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Memory of Place

Mustafa El Fiki
Mustafa El Fiki

Picasso art gallery in Zamalek presents “Mawlawiya” (or “Whirling Dervishes”), an exhibition of paintings by Atef Ahmed, as well as “Zikra Al-Makan” (or “Memory of Place”) by Mustafa El-Fiqi

El-Fiqi stands out for the humanism, simplicity and humility of his expressionist style. The artist makes emotional leaps to reflect elements, objects and creatures suggested by nature and everyday life.

His pigeon paintings provide a meditative space through remarkable brush work and varying rhythms. In groups, duets and quartets, the pigeons reflect all manner of gestures and situations, demonstrating unity, harmony and the intensity of light and shadow.

El-Fiki’s pigeons recall the pioneer painter Youssef Kamel’s and even Picasso’s. His palette of browns and greys as well as the lightest touches of blue recalls the Nile and its natural surroundings, adding dimensions in time and a sense of age, indeed a nearly cosmic ambiguity heavy with silence and questioning.

The exhibition is on until 25 October

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