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Current issue | Issue 1413, (11 - 17 October 2018)
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Issue 1413, (11 - 17 October 2018)

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Breaded rice kofta patties

Breaded rice  kofta patties
Breaded rice kofta patties

Yields 35-40 patties
(Depending upon their size)

750 gm lean ground beef; with 2 percent fat
1 medium onion (finely chopped)
 2 tsp minced garlic
2 whole eggs
1 cup rice (washed, rinsed, drained)
1 bunch each: coriander, parsley, dill, (leaves only)
Fine breadcrumbs (1 cup + or -)
Sunflower or corn oil for frying
Salt + pepper + ground cinnamon + 7 spices
For Coating:
Plain flour
2 eggs; beaten with a dash of milk
Fine breadcrumbs

Place rice in a pan of tap water, to cover rice; over low heat. Bring to the boil, then simmer; uncovered, until rice is cooked.  Rinse in a hand sieve, under running tap water; to get rid of all starch.  Strain well from all waters, then press by means of the back of a spoon; squeezing out extra remaining waters.  Finely chop leaves of green herbs.  In a large bowl; mix ground beef, onion, garlic, seasoning, herbs, boiled rice and eggs.  Mix well by hand, to blend all ingredients.  Then add breadcrumbs; in batches; while mixing by hand, to incorporate well all ingredients; until consistency is neither too sticky nor too dry.  Start shaping in round patties; using the palm of your hand to firmly squeeze and control the amount you shape; so that you get equal sized patties.  Form a round ball between your two palms, then press down to form an even round shape.  Lightly coat with flour; shaking excess, then place into a bowl with the beaten eggs and milk, then coat with breadcrumbs.  Continue until all quantity of blend is finished.  Fry in oil, on both sides; turning them only once.  Remove on kitchen paper towels.  Allow to set for a few minutes and serve.  You can freeze patties when shaped, in one layer, separated by a nylon sheet between each other layer.  Thaw, then coat as above.  Fry and serve.

N.B.:  Do not freeze after coating.  The result will not be as good.

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