Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1421, (6 - 12 December 2018)
Tuesday,23 April, 2019
Issue 1421, (6 - 12 December 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Professor Jean-Marc Sorel at the French Cultural Institute

 Jean-Marc Sorel
Jean-Marc Sorel

The American University in Cairo

Hill House 6th floor lounge (602), Tahrir Campus 

Sun 9, 6.30-8pm: “The Voice of the Unheard: Syrians in Jordan”, a seminar introduces Megumi Hirayama, Professor at the Faculty of International Studies, Meiji Gakvin University. 


Amir Taz Palace

27 Al-Syoufiya St, off Al-Saliba St, Al-Khalifa District, Tel 02 2514 2581                                                                                  

Every Saturday and Sunday, 1pm: Religious chanting workshop by munshid (religious chanter) Mahmoud Al-Tohami.  

Every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, 1-3pm: Playing on musical instruments workshop for ages from 10 to 18 years 

Every Sunday and Tuesday (10.30am) and every Wednesday & Thursday, 10am: Plastic arts workshop for ages from 7-12 years. 


Beit Al-Harrawi (The Arab Oud House)

Mohamed Abdu St, behind Al-Azhar Mosque, Tel 02 2510 4174

Every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, 4-9pm: Oud classes given by the oud professors of the Arab Oud House. 

Every Saturday and Thursday, 3-6pm: Workshops on the theories of playing oud for advanced students.                        

Every Saturday, 5-6pm: Workshops on the theories of playing oud for beginners.

French Cultural Institute

Madrasset Al-Huquq Al Frinseya St, Mounira, Tel 02 2791 5800 


Tues 11, 7-8pm: Professor of International Law at the Sorbonne Paris I, author of several books on international law and a lawyer at the International Court of Justice Jean-Marc Sorel will talk about the law of delimitation in its content as it is not unified, but is divided into three dimensions that combine the difference in its original indications and its implications, and the exceptional character of its nature, contrary to what we know about the unity of the content of the international law.

Wed 12- Sat 15, 10am - 5pm: The French Institute’s Christmas Book Fair will offer a selected collection of books for this literary year. The Francophone libraries also offer books on this occasion from the Renaissance Library, the Francophone Library and the French Library.

Thurs 13-Sat 15, 10am-6pm: “The Factory of the Sustainable City” symposium is the second part of “The Sustainable City Factory 2nd Edition: Reinventing Heritage/Registering the Present”, initiated by the Cairo French Institute in December 2017. This edition focuses on the question of urban heritage, both architectural and immaterial, past and present, and will bring together a large number of institutions, cultural actors, researchers and artists.


Goethe Institute

17 Hussein Wassif St, Mesaha Sq, Dokki, Tel 02 2575 9877

Sat 8, 5.30pm: A seminar introduces Director of the International Libraries at Dr. Nermin Ismail Schools Tamer Abdallah, who will discuss the open educational resources as a novel concept for providing freely available didactic resources. How does this concept work exactly and how can it be supported effectively by libraries? To what extent is it based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?.  

Sun 9, 7pm: The project “Scientific Storytelling” is a cooperation between the Goethe-Institute and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The aim of the project is to strengthen science journalism in Egypt, to make the science journalism sector in Egypt more popular and to counter the problem of fake news. 
As part of this project, a scientific symposium will be held in cooperation with the Springer Nature Research Group Cairo.  The symposium introduces Hisham Sallam, assistant professor at the Geological Institute of the University of Mansoura and head of the research team of the discovery of the Mansourasaurus. He will address the details of the exciting scientific discovery of the dinosaur Mansourasaurus, which documents the last 30 million years of the Cretaceous, and confirms the connection between the continents of Africa and Europe at this time. Although this dinosaur is the sixth one found in Egypt, it is the first in Egypt and Africa to document this geological era.


Talaat Harb Cultural Centre
Al-Sayyeda Nafissa St, Zeinhom area, Tel 02 2362 2647/ 2362 8174
Every Saturday, 12pm: Drawing, artistic and leather handicrafts workshop, conducted by Heba Samir.  

Every Sunday, 1pm: A candle making workshop, supervised by Dalia Al-Sherbini.  

Every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, 10am: artistic and skills development workshops for people with special abilities, supervised by Alham Aalian

Every Thursday, 1pm: Oil painting workshop, supervised by Dalia Al-Sherbini

Every Sunday and Wednesday, 3.30pm: Arab calligraphy, trash recycling and ceramic faience workshops given by Sondos Mohamed Ali.  

Every Monday and Wednesday, 4-6.30pm: Classical Arab singing workshop. 




French Cultural Institute

30 Al Nabi Danial St, Mahatet Misr, Alexandria, Tel 03 3913435/03 3918952

Thurs 6, 7.30pm: A round table discussion revolves around the practical application and innovative solutions for the city of the future focusing on the issues related to agriculture in the city. It will be in French with simultaneous interpretation in Arabic and moderated by Thierry Perret. It will bring together a large number of actors already involved in Egypt in actions in favour of urban agriculture and sustainable development. 

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