Thursday,23 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1427, (24 - 30 January 2019)
Thursday,23 May, 2019
Issue 1427, (24 - 30 January 2019)

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Creating a healthy baby room

Expecting a baby for the first time? Dreaming of a special retreat for relaxation and bonding with your little one? Cheer up, you’re not alone. Parents always want to create a nurturing, supportive environment for their babies that expresses their unconditional love, care and adoration for them, as well as the reassurance of support throughout the life they will be sharing together. 

No doubt, a new baby can change your world in the best way possible, yet, as amazing as it is, getting ready for a new baby requires a lot of thought and planning about everything from what diapers the baby will wear down to the decoration and arrangement of the baby’s room. Luckily, Feng Shui, the traditional Chinese system of arrangement and placement, can help you attract positive vibes to building a nourishing, attractive and harmonious environment for your baby.

So, if you want to go beyond a traditional harmonised theme room, think about incorporating Feng Shui to create a room that will make your baby happy and ensure that energy will flow better in his or her environment.

Here are some tips for creating good Feng Shui that will soothe and strengthen your baby’s energy:

Use natural materials: Use natural materials including cotton, silk, linen and bamboo whenever possible for the baby’s bedding and the nursery curtains, flooring, rugs, furniture and toys. Always choose wood over plastic. 

Ensure that energy flows freely: Create positive energy that can flow in and out and prevent any stagnant energy by cleaning up any clutter or obstruction behind the door to guarantee that the room door can be opened and closed completely. 

Encourage good energy movement: Avoid placing the baby under a ceiling fan as these can disrupt their bodily energy. Place a small fan on a dresser turned on low to keep the air moving in the room. Hang mobiles close to a window to move gently in the breeze and keep soft music playing in the room to create good, soft energy and movement. 

Go for soothing colours: Select restful, muted colours to encourage quality sleep. Vibrant colours like red or orange are too stimulating and will keep the baby awake. Select a colour palette that is harmonious in Feng Shui terms, such as green and blue, white and beige, or pink and yellow. Whites are excellent for children, but avoid a black-and-white colour scheme because there is too much contrast.

Choose a good bed placement: Locate the baby’s bed or crib in the “command position,” the spot where the child has the best view of the space. The head of the bed should be against a solid wall. Do not place the crib in the middle of the room with no support, or under a window. Keep the baby’s bed away from the door, and minimise electromagnetic field levels, the field of energy created by the flow of electricity through wiring and electrical devices, by limiting the number of electrical appliances that are close to the crib.

Keep the lighting balanced: Maintain balanced light levels at all times of the day. Soft, natural-fabric curtains are ideal for filtering harsh direct sunlight while letting in its glow. Provide several sources of light that can be lowered or raised as needed to keep the room at a pleasant level. Make sure to keep the cords out of the baby’s reach. If the room is too bright, the baby won’t rest deeply. If too dim, the baby could fail to thrive or have respiratory problems.

Avoid pointed furniture: Make sure that there are no hard corners from the furniture pointed at the baby in the crib. This can generate negative energy that can make it difficult for the baby to achieve quality sleep. Rearrange the furniture to another location or soften it by draping fabric over the edges.

Select a good bedroom location: Avoid excessive noise that might keep your baby from sleeping, such as close to a living room where the television is on or close to a noisy street.

Use natural design motifs: Design motifs and images depicting nature are ideal for a baby’s room, and they promote growth as well. Avoid images of aggressive, ferocious or predatory animals, however, even when they are cute or cartoony versions. Make sure that the designs do not have sharp points, such as arrows, crosses, diamonds, or triangles. Motifs with fish are fine as long as the watery theme is not overly dominant. Otherwise, problems could develop.

Be guided by your senses: Think of your baby’s room as a special retreat for relaxation and bonding with your sweetheart. Open windows daily for good ventilation. Treat your baby’s sense of smell with respect. If preferred, you can also add the scent of gentle essential oils such as chamomile, rose, vanilla or lavender. 

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