Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1429, (7 - 13 February 2019)
Wednesday,19 June, 2019
Issue 1429, (7 - 13 February 2019)

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Cradle of Charm

Cradle of Charm
Cradle of Charm

A double bill at UBUNTU gallery showcases metal sculptures by Halim Yacoub with paintings entitled “Cradle of Charm” by Rifky Al-Razzaz.  

Born in 1958, Al-Razzaz is a Cairo-based artist who seeks inspiration in the landscape and ancient history of Egypt, producing large paintings of subjects derived from ancient Egyptian art.

His work has an abstract aesthetic and it also has a geometric and flat quality emulating the two-dimensional aesthetic of the ancients.
He combines colour masterfully to inject his work with visual rhythm. Shades of turquoise and lapis lazuli like those found in the jewellery and crowns of the Pharaohs contrast beautifully with more “contemporary” shades.

For him, it is of utmost importance to place figures in the centre of each of his paintings, there is a direct reference to the reverence which the ancient Egyptians accorded not only their kings, but also the common man who always played an integral role in society as scribe, labourer or servant.
Every painting is filled with an explosion of details of colourful flourishes and figures, no corner of any canvas is left empty. The onlooker feels the painting is but one segment of a larger work the rest of which continues on other, seemingly infinite planes.

Al-Razzaz’s work is displayed at the headquarters of UNESCO, and he has exhibited widely in Egypt and abroad.

The exhibition is on until 21 January.

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