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Current issue | Issue 1149, 23 - 29 May 2013
Wednesday,19 September, 2018
Issue 1149, 23 - 29 May 2013

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Dress to impress

From the catwalks of the world’s fashion capitals, Amany Abdel-Moneim gives a rundown on the latest menswear trends for the season

Al-Ahram Weekly

Comfort and style rule the men’s fashion scene this summer. Mixing and matching styles that blend nicely with the wardrobe you already have is infinitely doable, which has fortunately made being fashionable relatively affordable this season around.
The colour palette for the next few months is bright and typically summery, consisting of vibrant orange, yellow, purple and turquoise blue. Brown, mixed with neutrals, represents the smartest colour combination this summer, while the all-white look continues to be strong.
Minimalist layering is also prominent this season and for those who are averse to the conservatism that layering implies, consider using a dark-toned vest with buttons in the front with a V-neck shirt in light colours.
Sportive bomber jackets in luxurious satin, technical fabrics or cotton were present, the silhouettes differing from puffy to minimalist.
The blazer is the usual suspect on the menswear runways and the double-breasted version is very much unique to this season’s trends. Either classic length or longer, its lightness is mesmerising, deconstructed and often made using more feminine materials, such as satin, chiffon and organza.
Shorts have turned out to be the must-have item this season: super short, tailored or minimalist, whether teamed to a T-shirt, or matched to a blazer.
As for pants, straight cuts have taken over, throwing bell bottoms out of the picture. But keep them in your closet just in case they come back. Cropped trousers reaching to above the ankle were present, sometimes matched with very short socks or ankle boots. Some designers have even incorporated short shirts with their business suits in their collections. Colours are focussing more on greys and pearl whites, and pastel pinks and oranges are back. For the more rebellious look, there is nothing better than pants in wild colours like green and yellow with comfortable printed cotton T-shirts.
As for textiles, the options this summer are linen, cotton and tropical wool, all imparting a fresher, cooler feeling. The perennial jeans never go out of style, chosen in cuts and trends that are in this season.
Prints have tended to be smaller and in aquamarine, grey, purple or blue. As for floral and Hawaiian printed shirts, they were worn with beach Bermudas. Patterns, like stripes, need to be very subtle. The overarching message should be that you are not wearing a matched wardrobe (nor are you on parole). Contemplate wearing a jacket that does not match your pants and a shirt that matches neither. Your belt and shoes do not have to match either, but there needs to be a sense that everything works together.
Always use accessories to bring your look together — bracelets, necklaces and sunglasses are good options — without going overboard. The satchel-style bag is a popular accessory this season and scarves and handkerchiefs are back for that refined touch in a man’s look.

Style guidelines from top men’s fashion designers:

• Every man should have these seven easy pieces: a pair of black pants, a great jacket, a white shirt, a tie, a cashmere sweater, a pair of jeans and a leather piece.
• The three biggest fashion mistakes are cheap suits, shoes and shirts.
• When choosing a suit, look for elegance, sophistication and timeless style.
• A two-button suit is more timeless than a three- or one-button one. A single-breasted is more versatile than double, allowing you to dress your suit more freely and to use the jacket as a separate more easily.
• You shouldn’t have a completely vintage look. Fashion has to move forward. You can’t live in the past.
• Colours like navy, brown and black make you feel more secure.
• Cashmere is best when it’s not too light. It has to be either two- or three-ply; if not, the garment tends to lose its shape immediately.
• Watches should be simple, never with diamonds or bling.
• Older men shouldn’t wear tight T-shirts. Generally, no man should wear Speedos unless he has a really great body to show off.
• The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your clothes. If you feel comfortable, you will feel self-confident.
• When buying a suit, go for a colour that will not date too soon, like a mid-tone grey or a black.
• Have a light touch when it comes to colour. Maybe start with just a tie or a shirt.
• Too much pattern is a disaster. Tropical-print shirts are for the tropics and flip-flops are for the beach.
• Quality always wins. If you’re wearing something of incredible quality it will outshine anything that’s funky or groovy.
• If you’re in doubt about how to wear your hair, get a non-haircut: a relatively short, nondescript one.



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